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About Biomaterials

A biomaterial is any natural or man-made material employed in, or used as, a medical device which performs, augments or replaces a natural function within a living organism.
Another definition of biomaterial is "any substance (other than drugs) or combination of substances synthetic or natural in origin, which can be used for any period of time, as a whole or as a part of a system which treats,
augments, or replaces any tissue, organ, or function of the body".

A biomaterial is different from a biological material such as bone that is produced by a biological system. Artificial hips, vascular stents, artificial pacemakers, and catheters are all made from different biomaterials.

Biomaterials are medical-grade polymers, metals, advanced ceramics, pyrolytic carbon, composites, and natural materials. End -use devices include implants, valves, grafts, pacemakers, bone repair and replacement devices, artificial organs, dental
materials, drug -delivery systems, dialysis/separation/filtration systems, and catheters and stents.

Information Profiles on CD ROM

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Categories of Biomaterials

1.Natural Materials

Injectable Collagen (Aesthetic),Wound Healing and Bone Regeneration,Collagen Sponges,Bone Regeneration,
Dental Surgery Products (CollaPlug,CollaTape,CollaCote,BioMend and BioMend Extend Absorbable Collagen Membrane)
Urinary Incontinence Implants,Corneal Shields,Vascular Sealing Device,

ii.Botulinum Toxin Types A & B - Botox &  Myobloc

Starch Polymers,Polylactic Acid,Cellophane, Tyrosine Polycarbonates,Lactide and Glycolide Polymers,
Nonvalve Cardiac and Vascular Tissues,Bone Allografts, Vascular Grafts
v.Rubber: Polydimethyl Siloxane
vi.Future Applications of Natural Materials:
DNA Coatings,Orthopedic Applications,Cell Preservation Programs,Keratin-Based Materials
2.Metals:Titanium, stainless steel
3.Ceramics:Bioactive Glass - Calcium
Hydroxylapatite,Zirconium Oxide,Aluminum Oxide,Resorbable Bioceramics
4.Composites:Fibrous Composites - Carbon Fiber and Particles,Polymer Composites,Artificial/Natural Material Composites,
Glass-Ceramic/Metal Composites,Glass-Ceramic/Nonmetal Composites,Dental Composites - Ormocer
5.Pure Pyrolytic Carbon
6.Tissue regeneration products
7.Biomaterial Coatings

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