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  • According to a report by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and consultancy firm KPMG, the Indian biotechnology sector is likely to become a US$ 5 billion industry by 2010. The report stated, "India is ranked among the top 12 biotech destinations in the world and is the third biggest in Asia-Pacific in terms of the number of biotech companies."
  • The Indian biotech sector's overall turnover in 2008-09 was US$ 2.51 billion, as compared to US$ 2.13 billion in 2007-08. Bio-pharma contributed US$ 1.6 billion; bio-agri nearly US$ 311.28 million, bio-industrial segment US$ 99.19 million and bio-informatics grew 15 per cent to touch US$ 45.65 million.
  • India is already being globally recognised as a manufacturer of economical, high quality bulk drugs and formulations. With a huge base of talented, skilled and cost competitive manpower, and a well-developed scientific infrastructure, India has great potential to become a leading global player in biotechnology.
  • The Bio-pharma sector, comprising vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics, generated revenues of around US$ 1.45 billion in 2006-07, with a growth of almost 27 per cent over the previous year.
  • The Indian vaccines market is experiencing strong growth The country posseces the ability to produce large volumes of traditional vaccines at low costs. Several vaccines are being procured from India in large volumes by multinational organisations such as GAVI, UNICEF, PAHO etc. According to UNICEF, India supplies more than 60 per cent of the world's requirement of basic vaccines.
  • Hemophiliacs are the target population for players interested in plasma protein R&D. India needs about 900,000 liters of plasma proteins per year. India has been meeting this requirement so far by importing these proteins. None of the other Plasma proteins is being manufactured in India as yet.
  • The bio-services sector has growm by approximately 53 per cent in 2006-07. The sector contributed revenues of US$ 268 million to Indian biotechnology, second only to the bio-pharma sector. Bio-services is also the second fastest growing sector in Indian biotechnology after Bio-agri.
  • Bio-agri is the third largest contributor to Indian biotech industry during 2006-07 with a turnover of US$ 225 million, accounting for almost 11 per cent of the biotech pie. However, its growth rate of almost 55 per cent is the highest among all the biotech segments.
Indian Industry Scenario
  • Biotechnology Industry - Over view
  • Indian Biotechnology Sector
  • Industry Sector Focus - Biotechnology
  • Biocon India: A Market & Non-Market Strategy
  • ICICI Knowledge Park
  • M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF)
  • News Letter
  • Meerat Institute of Engineering
  • National Dairy Development Board
  • India's pharmaceutical market
  • The Indian Pharmaceutical sector
  • The Ayurvedic Medicine Industry in India
  • Biotechnology in Textile Industry
  • Biotechnology in Tanning Industry
  • Microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR)
  • Biomining
  • Bioplastics
  • Biogums
  • Drug Discovery & Drug Designing
  • patenting in Biotechnology
Companies in India  (Sample)
  • List of Companies
  • Vaccine Producers
  • Veterinary Product Manufacturers
  • Biotechnology & Paper Industry
  • Dyestuff Industry
  • Seed Industry
  • Chemicals by biotechnology
  • Sweetners
  • Enzymes Companies in India

  • BioFertilizer Companies in India
  • Plants Companies
  • Industrial Companies
  • Food Companies
  • AVT Biotechnology
  • Biocon India Ltd
  • Cedila Pharmaceuticals
  • EID Parry
  • Grow More Biotechnology
  • Indrayani Biotechnilogy Ltd
  • Khoday Group of Companies
  • Labland Biotechs Pvt Ltd
  • L.J.International Ltd
  • Medipla Biotech
  • MS Swaminathan Foundation
  • The National Research Centre on Plant Biotechnology
  • Company Video
Project Data  & Technology
  • Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology Field
  • Bioactive Compounds Technology
  • Bovin Serum Albumin
  • Disposable Blood Bank System
  • A Process for Producing Herbicides from a fungus Alternaria alternata

  • Glucose Biosensor Technology

  • Heart Valve

  • Low Cost Plant Tissue Culture

  • Neem Based Contraceptives

  • Shrimp Feed

  • Targeted Gene Delivery System

  • Thrombinase

  • Oral Pellet Vaccine For Newcastle Disease

  • Live attenuated Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) Vaccine

  • Monoclonal antibody based progesterone assay for early Pregnancy diagnosis in cattle
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