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Important Technology Company Profiles


 Annual Reports-2005

Bachem Dedication to service and partnership with customers,Business Review,Human Resources, Safety and Environment,Financial Report,Consolidated Financial Statements,Shareholder Information, Financial Statement of bachem.
Bio-Rad Laboratories Identifying Connections,Disease Management,Infectious Disease Prevention,Women's Health, Connected for Life,Genetic Research,Biomarker Discovery,Seeding the future,Financial Highlights, Sales History,Consolidated balance sheets,stackholder's equity.
Invitrogen The operating system,Product Innovation,Acquisitions,Cellular separation,A new sales approach, Closed to the patient,Corporate Governance,Milestones,Management's statements of financial responsibility, 2005 financial overview,Corporate Information.
Decode Genetics The deCODE advantage,Peripheral artery disease,Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheet Data, Delivering on the promise of the new genetics and Corporate Information
Merck Long-term company management,Business Development 2001–2005,Merck 2005 at a glance, Management Report of the Merck Group,Report of the Supervisory Board, Consolidated Financial Statements of the Merck Group,Auditor’s Report,Report on expected developments.
Monsanto Company Innovation breeds leadership,2005 financial highlights,Acceleration in the business,Genomics probes germplasm to unlock its value,Breeding,Biotechnology,Applying our tools to benefit farmers ,Roundup ready flex cottton,Adding value to the seed with technology,Unlocking accelerated commercial growth, Former,Processor and Consumer benefits.
Neogen Thriving In Growing Global Markets,Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations,Reports of Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm,Consolidated Statements of Stockholders’ Equity,2005 Annual Meeting,Stock Profile
PerkinElmer PerkinElmer, Inc. is a global technology in Health Sciences and Photonics,Global centers of excellence,Genetic Screening,Medical Imaging, Service, Biopharma, Environmental, Photonics, Market for Registrant’s Common Equity, Related Stockholder Matters and Issuer Purchases of Equity Securities,Financial Statements and Supplemental Data,Security Ownership of Certain Beneficial Owners and Management and Related Stockholder Matters, Certain Relationships and Related Transactions.
Qiagen Consolidated statement of income data,Executing on strategy,Molecular diagnostics markets, Applied testing markets, Research and development, Assay Development, Automation, Common share,Investor Relation contact,Major shareholders and related party transactions, Description of securities other than equity securities and Additional Information, Code of ethics, Finacial Statements.
Roche Roche Group,Group strategy, Pharmaceuticals,R&D Pipeline,Expanding biotech production, Access to medicines, Diagnostics, Research and Development, Key product launches scheduled for 2006,Access to diagnostics,Board of Directors and Corporate Executive Committee,Corporate Governance, Dialogue with our stakeholders,Safety, health and environmental protection,Roche – a Global Market Presence.
Novozymes CEO statement,Financial highlights,World leader in  enzymes,Stronger growth through new strategic initiatives,Success for environmentally friendly feed enzyme,New products to bring growth,In the detergent industry,Sustainable octane counts,Healthier margarine thanks to new enzyme
Danisco Management's statement,Management's review,Business segments,Geographic Segments,Corporate governance,Innovation,business development and venture,Knowledge managemnet,A global workplace,Commercial risks,financialrisk management,Shareholder Information,Accounting policies,Income Statement,Group enterprises,Contact Danisco
Neose-2004 Protein Development,Partnering,Protein Development Program,Undisclosed currentlymarketed
protein,The EPO Opportunity,GlycoPEG-GCSF,Moving Forward with a
Strong, Committed Partner,Pharmaceutical Development and Operations,Commercial and Clinical Development,Team Neose Employee Riders,Team Neose Contribution,Selected Financial Data



Alcohol and Starch 

GDS-Bulk Enzymes GDS provides stable, quality enzymes for our industrial colleagues engaged in developing or improving their own products or test systems
Glucose Isomerase Immobilised glucose isomerase is used on a massive scale throughout the world in the production of high-fructose syrups for the confectionery and soft drink industries.
Alcohol Dehydrogenases Catalyzes the oxidation of primary aryl and alkyl alcohols to aldehydes in the presence of NADP+, or the reduction of aldehydes to alcohols in the presence of NADPH.
Resistant Starch Resistant Starch as a Functional Fiber,Typical Serving Sizesa for Selected Foods,Potential Physiological Benefits of Resistant Starch,A Commercial, Granular Resistant Starch,Food Applications for Resistant Starch,High Fiber White Bread Formulation,Good Source” of Fiber Snack Cracker Formulation
Animal Feed Enzymes for Animal feed,Enzyme for poultry feed,Palkofeed AP,Palkofeed APG,Palkofeed PHY,Palkofeed,Multizyme,Palkofeed XCG
R-Biopharm-Starch Test-Combination contains,Preparation of solutions,Stability of reagents,Calculation,Instructions for performance of assay,Recognizing interference during the assay procedure,Sensitivity and detection limit,Solubilization of starch with dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) and HCl
Animal Nutrition ADM provides its customers with value-added feed products and ingredients designed to optimize animal and farmed-fish  production. Our leading-edge processing and fermentation techniques, using our core businesses of corn processing, oilseed crushing, wheat milling and commodity merchandising help us extract the maximum value from grains and oilseeds to create natural, nutritious feed products that yield superior results on the farm.
Fuel Ethanol Production Granular Starch Hydrolyzing Enzyme,Starch Liquefying Enzymes,Starch Saccharifying Enzymes,Protein Hydrolyzing Enzyme,Cellulose and Hemicellulose Hydrolyzing Enzymes

 Detergents, Dairy Rubber products

Amylase Enzyme Amylases is a digestive enzyme classified as a saccharidase(an enzyme that cleaves polysaccharides).It is mainly a constituent of pancreatic juice and saliva,needed for the breakdown of long-chain carbohydrates(such as starch)into smaller units.
Vaxa’s Digestin The digestive enzymes in Digestin help your body break down the foods you eat more easily, and in turn, your body does not have to produce as much stomach acid to complete it’s part in the digestion process
Washing Powder These enzymes are all encapsulated to prevent the release of enzyme powders into the atmosphere.On contact with water, the capsules or 'prills' break apart, releasing the enzyme into solution.
Multi-Enzyme Detergent An effective multi-enzyme detergent used for cleaning metallic and plastic medical instruments, including flexible and rigid endoscopes, and dental instruments.
Microbial Lipases The demand for industrial enzymes, particularly of microbial origin, is ever increasing owing to their applications in a wide variety of processes
Microbial Catalase Broad pH and temperature spectrum,Specification,Catalase from Aspergillus niger,The Enzyme Experts
Lactases Lactose is present at concentrations of about 4.7% (w/v) in milk and the whey (supernatant) left after the coagulation stage of cheese-making. Its presence in milk makes it unsuitable for the majority of the world's adult population, particularly in those areas which have traditionally not had a dairy industry

 Textile and Leather Products

Textile/Leather BIOCON supplies the textile finishing industry with highly efficient and stable enzymes . Some products are synergetic mixtures of surfactants and enzymes and others are stabilized preparations of single enzymes.
Textile Enzymes Physical Property,Application methods,Application in jigger,soft-flow m/c,winch,Application in wash-wheel,Semi continuous application,Storage and handling precautions
Textan Chemicals - Leather Enzymes Textan, A market leader in enzymes for the leather industry has developed quality beamhouse enzymes which are used in soaking, liming (replaces Sod. Sulphide for dehairing), and acid and alkali bating.


AAV Titration ELISA AAV Titration ELISA,AAV-2 Empty Capsids-Purified empty capsids suitable for SDS-PAGE control and cell entry studies, approx. 5 x 10E12 capsids/mL.
BioAssay Systems BioAssay Systems is a biotechnology company located in Hayward, California, USA. BioAssay Systems develops,manufactures and markets innovative and high-quality assay solutions to satisfy the increasing demands of the life sciences community.
Fluoroskan Ascent Fluoroskan Ascent is a dedicated fluorometer with sensitivity and flexibility for all kinds of assays in industrial and academic research and for clinical applications.
Enzyme Formulas Acidophilase,Acti-zyme,Advanced enzyme system-vegetarian,Akne-zyme,All-zyme double strength,All-zyme original,Alpha enzyme peel,Bean and vegi enzyme formula,Bio-zyme(100)SM,Bio-zyme(200)LG
PSA ELISA Highly Specific Two-Site ELISA,Simple, Convenient Non-Isotopic Assay,Easily Automated, Method, Performancea nd Method comparison.
Eppendorf Concentrator Concentrate on the essentials - rapid and gentle evaporation of DNA samples and Advantages
Prostatic Acid Phosphatase Catalog,Size,Description,Presentation,Preparation for assay,Assay procedure,Calculation of results
PTEN Enzyme PTEN Enzyme, sold by units of activity for your convenience PTEN activity has been implicated as a tumor suppressor in several different cancers. In adipose tissue,insulin controls glucose and lipid metabolism through the intracellular mediators phosphatidylinositol 3-3-kinase and serine-threonine kinase AKT.
Amano Enzyme Satndard, Purpose, Products, Form,Opt.pH, Stable pH, Specification.
Alkaline Phosphatase Alkaline phosphatase catalyses the hydrolysis of phosphate esters yielding alcohols and phosphate molecules.It is useful as an indicator enzyme when coupled to antibodies in enzyme immunoassay(EIA)systems.
Axxora Platform Acetyl-coenzyme,Angiotensin-Converting enzyme related products,,Antotumor asents(enzyme activators and inducers),MAPK pathway enzymes,Modification enzymes,Molecular biology enzymes,PP Enzymes and Restriction enzymes
BioDesign International Polyclonal Antibodies to enzymes,Monoclonal antobodies to enzymes,Purified Enzymes,New Products and Application.
Biomol-New Products Deconjugating Enzyme,Untagged(human recombinant)Ubiquitin Conjugating enzyme hHR6B and hHR6A(human recombinant).
Cayman Chemical A antitumor benzothiazole,A potent inhibitor of soluble epoxide hydrolase,96 well assay for measurement of NF-kB,Adiponectin EIA kit,Estrone EIA kit,Caspase-8(human recombinant) and Lukotriene A4 hydrolase(human recombinant).
Chemicon International Angiotension Converting Enzyme ELISA kit,Enzyme free cell dissiciation solution hank's based(1x),liquid,Apope tag,Esgro complete,anti-angiotensin converting enzyme,clone 3G8,Anti-Crtochrome p450 enzyme,Enzyme free cell dissociation solution protocol, Reagents, MSDS.
Cygnus-Conjugate Diluent Our ready to use enzyme conjugate diluent stabilizers maximize the immunological performance of your assays. The color enhanced reagents provide visual evidence of pipetting thus reducing operator error.
Fermentas-Modifying Enzymes DNA/RNA polymerases,Primers,Nucleases,Ligases,Certificates of analysis, MSDS, Support, Application protocols, Reverse transcriptases, Mesophilic DNA polymerases, Sugar Nonspecific nucleases,Kinase and Other enzymes.
V-Labs b-D-N-Acetylhexosaminidase, a highly purified enzyme (almost electrophoretically homogeneous) from jack bean meal, can cleave terminal b-D-N-acetylgalactosaminyl or b-D-N-acetylglucosaminyl linkages in glycoconjugates.
Gelita-Photographic Gelatine is utilized as a binder in light-sensitive products. It's gel-setting and filmforming properties are ideal for making clear, uniform and durable coatings which can be more than 15 layers thick in a single application
Topoisomerases Tdp-1 is a new and exciting topo related drug target.  This enzyme, recently discovered first in yeast and then in humans, is responsible for removing topo from the covalent damage complexes that form after treating cells with topoisomerase poisons
IAM Drug Discovery This IAM technique provides superior correlation with experimentally determined drug permeability when compared to other chromatographic methods
Flexi Cloning System This system of enzymes and correlating vectors enables customers to clone ORF and conveniently transfer these inserts to a variety of vectors designed for mutiple applications
Qbiogene Products In studies, our enzymes exhibit shorter incubation times and higher lot-to-lot reproducibility than our leading competitors. In addition to restriction and modification enzymes, this chapter includes a Qbiogene specialty enzyme for digestion of the yeast cell wall.
Laboratory Diagnostics MB TAQ DNA Polymerase,Application,Unit definition,Contents and storage,EUB DNA Polymerase,Recommended Reaction buffer (x 1),Unit Definition,Certificate of Analysis,Ordering
VWF Antigen von Willebrand Factor Activity Test is an ELISA for detecting VWF activity in citrated human plasma. A purified monoclonal antibody which recognizes a functional epitope on the vWF antigen is used to measure vWF activity (function), rather than total vWF concentration.
Wako Laboratory Chemicals Wako Laboratory Chemicals supplies many of the research reagents that are developed and/or manufactured in Japan.Our product line consist of bio products, antibodies, enzymes, molecular biology kits,analytical standards and organic chemicals.

 Molecular Biology

GAG Degrading Enzyme Chondroitinase ABC, (Proteus vulgaris),Chondroitinase ABC Protease Free,Heparinase I (Heparin lyase, Heparin eliminase, Heparitinase,Endoglycosidases,Exo-Glycosidases,Miscellaneous Enzymes,Enzymes for Molecular Biology and Cell Lysis,Additional Reagents
DNA Polymerases Accusure DNA polymerase,Accuzyme DNA polymerase,Biomix,Bio-x-act long DNA polymerase,ImmoMix,T4 DNA polymerase,Mangomix red,MangoTaq DNA polymerase,Sureband PCR optimization kit,Taq DNA polymerase
Milan Biologicals Product Description,Research Reagent,Processed,native, bulk and Custom -made specs.
Speciality Enzymes Specialty Enzymes,Oxidoreductases,Transferases,Hydrolases,Lyases,Bioproducts,Chiral Compounds,Alcohols, Hydroxy Esters and Derivatives,Amino acids, non natural,Carbonic acids,Lactones,Epoxides,Orders & Enquiries
Yeast Lytic Enzyme QUANTAZYME™ yIg is a recombinant Yeast Lytic B-1, 3 Glucanase that can be used in most of the processes requiring digestion of the cell wall . The enzyme is purified from an E. coli strain carrying a recombinant lytic B-1, 3 Glucanase gene from an Arthrobacter species on an expression plasmid.
CenterChem-RVV-X Description,Application,Origin,Storage,Assay,Unit definition,References and Package size.
Zymolyase Product Number,Assay date,Concentration,Description,Unit definition,Shipping and storage conditions,Specification and Caution.

 Enzyme Kits

Certamp Kits Kits contain enough reagents to perform 50 (Cat. No 10.320) or 250 (Cat. No 10.321) DNA
amplification reactions. Each reagent can be separately ordered. Please refer to our catalog or
local distributor for references and prices.
Bioconjugation Kit SureLINK Bioconjugation Kit provides a powerful yet simple technology for labeling peptides, proteins, carbohydrates and nuceleic acids. The kit provides the heterobifunctional linkers SFB and SANH along with reagents for quantifying conjugation efficiencies.
Dicer Kit T7 enzyme mix,T7 Reaction mix,Dicer enzyme,Dicer reaction colorless buffer,Dicer stop solution,Control Template,Double-distilled water,RNA binding buffer,RNA washing buffer,High pure spin filter tubes,High pure collection tubes
ELISA kits BPI assay,Cardiolipin assays,B2g1 assays,DNA/RNA/Histone assays,ENA/ANA assays,Ganglioside assays,Glomerular basement membrane,Gliadin assays,tTG assays,Intrinsic factor assay,Gastric parietal cell,LKM-! assay,M2 assay,ANCA assays,oxLDL assaysRPP assay,ASCA assays and thyroid assays
HIV Diagnostic Kit Diagnostic kit for the in vitro detection of antibodies to human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV1, HIV2 and HIV0) in serum and plasma by enzyme immunoassay.
Ambion Ambion understands the requirements for enzymes and reagents that are exceptionally pure and that have superior lot to lot consistency, reliability and performance. We have years of experience in supplying enzymes and reagents in bulk quantities for R&D and OEM purposes, and for biopharmaceutical companies.
BioCat GmbH PCR cloning kit,Proofreading enzymes,DNA modifying enzymes, Phosphorylation, Dephosphorylation and Reverse transcriptases.
Thomas Scientific Bacterial Alkaline phosphatase cloning enzymes,Cyclic amp enzyme immunoassay kit,format A,format B,Cyclic GMP enzyme immunoassay kit,format A,format B,Discountinued items.
Upstate-Proteins Upstate began expressing kinases in 1993, and today we offer the most comprehensive selection available anywhere. More than 350 active, inactive, and mutant kinases with high consistency and quality are available in sufficient quantities for large HTS screens.
Tissue Digestion Enzymes BioGenex has developed standardized enzyme kits to help achieve consistent results when proteolytic digestion is necessary to recover antigenicity in formalin-fixed tissue

 Substrates and Inhibitors

Chromogenic Reagents These products do not qualify as enzyme substrates in a narrow sense but will work to assay enzymatic activity in concert with their natural substrates. Enzymatic activity is often detected indirectly by assaying products of enzymatic transformations rather than the enzyme itself. Chromogenic enzyme reagents yield soluble chromophores in the presence of specific products of enzymatic transformations
Cyclooxygenase Enzymes Cyclooxygenase (COX) produces the key cyclic endoperoxide intermediate in the arachidonic acid cascade. The two COX isoforms are the constitutive form (COX1) and the inducible form (COX2). Many of the COX inhibitors are classic analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
Peroxidase Enzyme Microwell ELISA Substrates –Peroxidase Enzyme Systems – ABTS,Microwell Substrates – Alkaline Phosphatase Enzyme Systems,Chemiluminescent Peroxidase Enzyme Systems,Non Fat Dry Milk (NFDM) Block / Diluent
DAB Chromogen Description,Uses and Limitations,Availability/Contents,Storage,Procedure,Precausions,DAB chromogen,DAB substrate
Research Organics-Enzyme Substrates Research Organics offers a complete line of enzyme promoters, inhibitors and reagent substrates.Our high purity enzyme substrates are thoroughly tested to assure high activity and specificity in critical enzymatic reactions.Specifications are directed at the elimination of key impurities that may directly affect enzyme performance, minimize background interference and maintain consistent quality in applications for diagnostic chemistry, molecular biology and metabolic assay.
AnaSpec-Substrates N-(Acetyltyrosinylvalinyl-Nε-Biotinlysinyl)aspartic acid [(2,6-dimethylbenzoyl)oxy]methyl ketone, Product, Size,Catalog and US$.
Autogen Bioclear Apoptosis,Tumour suppressor and tumour marker,Enzymes and enzyme inhibitors.
Bio Vectra We offer substrates for the following enzymes;Alkaline phosphatase, Carboxylase, Galactosidase, Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase,Glucosidase and Glucuronidase.
Geno Tech Protease arrest,Focus,Protease screening,Inibitors set,assay kit,Individual protease inhibitors, MSG, Mammalianprotease arrest,Bacterial protease arrest and protecease.
Toronto Research Chemicals D416150,M333050,M3333300,M333350,M333600,M333800,M815000,M334950,M815910,M815010 and N508850.
Peptides International-Inhibitors Enzyme Inhibitors,Angiotensin/Converting Enzyme Inhibitors,Collagenase Inhibitors,E-64 and Related Inhibitors,TAPI Products,Antagonists to the Endothelin A & B Receptors,Examples of Proteolytic Enzymes and Their Inhibitors
Protease Inhibitor Methods,Patient population,Study Design,Clinical and Laboratory Monitoring,Pharmacokinetic Studies ,Criteria for Response to Treatment ,Statistical Analysis ,Statistical Analysis
Limulus Procoagulant Enzyme Description,Assay condition/substrate kinetics,Presentation,Reconstitution,Storage,Stability,Extinction coefficient,Purity and Solubility

 Food Processing

Trypsin Immobilized on the beads and embedded in the inner wall of micropipette tip. (Nutip). or as micro columns ( TopTip).Advantages: No need to remove the trypsin after the tryptic digest
Pancreatin Home,Comapny,Products,Enzymes and Contact Us.
Riviana Industrial Sales-Rice The Industrial Sales Department will help customers in establishing the right rice for their application. Whether you are looking for a 2-minute or a 40-minute rehydrating rice, Riviana will consistently deliver a uniform product in cooking ease and superior in qualities, flavor, aroma, color and texture
MicroNutra Health- Prolipamy Enzymes Enable Life to Thrive,The solution is PROLIPAMY,Molecularly Blended Ingredients,What our customers are saying,Proof is in the Ingredients,Health is Priceless,
Online Ordering
Processed Foods American Ingredients Company offers a wide range of products in the processed foods industry.These additives are derived primarily from natural fats and oils, and are specifically designed for processed foods applications.
CWB-Food Division Milling,Baking,Starch,Moisture Content,Mixing,Extrusion,Drive units,Software,Measuring heads,Extruders,Do-corder,Moisture tester,Glutograph
EDC-List of Enzymes Carbohydrates,Proteases,Lipases,Cellulases,Xylanases,Pectinases and other
Soups, Sauces
and Gravies
Cajun roux,Butter,Chicken,Pork,Beef,Soybean,Cottonseed,Retort stable and freeze
RCSB Protein Data Bank-Trypsin Your body needs a steady supply of amino acids for use in growth and repairs. Each day, a typical adult needs something in the range of 35-90 grams of protein, depending on their weight
Equichem Products Milling and Baking,Tortillas and tortilla processing,Beverages,Ingredients for specialty grain based products
Enzyme Modified Cheese Cheddar,Blue,Parmesan,Mozzarella,Asiago,Swiss,American
Trypsin Autolysis Products The trypsin used was side-chain protected porcine trypsin from Promega. The enzyme was derivatized by reductive methylation (Lys side-chains) to prevent autolysis.
Alpha Galactosidase Product information,Beano drops,Beano tablets,Use,usage,Precautions,How supplied
Digestive Enzymes Digestion Enhancement Enzymes significantly increase the absorption, assimilation, and utilization of food and other supplements taken with it! It also minimizes toxic, totally undigested or only partially digested food particles.
Brenntag- Food Listing Acidulants,Alkalies,Antifoaming agents,Hydro collides,Humectants,Flavors and flavor enhancers, Sweetners,Vitamins,Miscellaneous,Preservatives and antioxidants,Bicarbonates

 Company Profiles

ABC Laboratories Analytical Bio-Chemistry Laboratories' mission is to be a premier provider of development services to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Analytical Bio-Chemistry Laboratories enables clients to realize higher profits and reduce development risk while accelerating time to market.
Oxyrase Howard Adler, while researching a factor that contributed to the recovery of radiation damaged cells at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, discovered what we call Oxyrase®. He learned that cell fractions that contained respiratory enzymes generated anaerobic environments.
Rockland Immunochemicals Rockland Immunochemicals is a global biotechnology company manufacturing leading edge research tools and cGMP grade proteins for basic, applied and clinical research in functional genomics, gene therapy and drug discovery markets-Technology,Commercialization and Partnering.
USB Corporation USB Corporation has a long-standing reputation as a leader in the life sciences, fueling innovation in basic research, drug discovery and molecular diagnostics.
American International Chemical American International Chemical is a leading importer, marketer, and distributor of fine chemicals, serving the requirements of customers since 1972.  Our business mission is to market specialty chemicals of the highest quality from worldwide sources to end users and distributors throughout the United States.
American Bioanalytical American Bioanalytical is a manufacturer of Ultra Pure Chemicals for the Life Sciences, and has done so for 28 years. Our reputation for performance grows with each improvement in quality and purity standards.
Amresco Mission statement,Company profile,Business divisions,Bulk fine chemicals,Research products group,Global market reach,Product services,Leading product innovation,Major product groups,Technical capabilities,Quality standards and facilities
Athena Enzyme Systems The Athena Enzyme Systems™ group manufactures and sells products which include: a proprietary line of bacteriological media specifically designed to increase the expression of recombinant proteins; a line of serum-free medium for the culture of human cell lines along with accessory products for cell culture; the PDQ Protease Assay™ , a broad-spectrum, one step protease assay; specialty enzymes such as the AFM reference protein I27O™ as well as bacterial esterases and other proteins; and a line of reagents for the refolding of denatured proteins.
Socochim SA The line of chemical products and laboratory accessories offered by Socochim are mainly used for research and development in industry, in universities and hospital laboratories. Socochim has qualified personnel to provide technical and application support on the whole line of the products offered.
Biozyme Laboratories We specialise in the development and bulk manufacture of high purity enzymes and proteins. Biozyme's products are highly regarded by many of the world's leading in vitro diagnostic (IVD) kit manufacturers. Our current product range consists of approximately 80 enzymes, many of which are available in a variety of grades to suit particular applications
CarboMer CarboMer applies leading-edge technologies to develop innovative life science products, such as proprietary biomedical and cosmetic products, drug delivery technologies and therapeutics.
Cortex Biochem Cortex Biochem, Inc., is a Life Sciences Biotechnology Company, located in San Leandro, California, with a long-standing specialty in magnetic separation technology-Products, Commitment,advantage.
Business Communications Company This Enzyme Directory identifies suppliers of enzymes. The goal is to provide a handy reference so that the worldwide suppliers of individual enzymes can be readily looked up. We rely on company self- reporting for these identifications and cannot confirm that companies do in fact supply the enzymes they say they do (although most, if not all, do supply the enzymes they claim).
EPICenter Biotechnologies EPICENTRE® Biotechnologies, founded in 1987, is a manufacturer and seller of high-quality molecular biology products for life science research, clinical research, molecular diagnostics and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.
Kamiya Biomedical Company Today Kamiya's product lines include over 1400 different enzyme inhibitors, enzyme substrates, monoclonal antibodies, and small molecules for apoptosis, multidrug resistance, oxidative / DNA damage, cancer, and cell biology research.
MoBiTec GmbH MoBiTec´s molecular and cell biology product lines are marketed worldwide and include innovative products such as new Yeast-Two-Hybrid and Phagemid Display Systems, immobilized and soluble enzymes, genomic libraries, antibodies for cell biology, versatile DNA cloning vectors as well as general laboratory equipment.
New England Biolabs NEB,Recombinant enzymes,Quality and customer sevice,Basic science,environmental policy,Corporate responsibility,International network of new england biolabs.
Pangaea Sciences Synopsis,Background,Mission,Product overview,Natural enzymes,Pharmaceutical actives and intermediates,Industry links.
Pierce Nucleic Acid Technologies As the scale of scientific applications has grown, so have scientists’ needs for larger quantities of supplies and more customized product specifications. We handle the special needs of those customers requiring nucleic acid chemistry expertise.
Vector Laboratories Vector Laboratories is not only committed to producing reagents for your present needs but also recognizes that the development of new products is necessary for continued success. The products included in this catalog reflect that commitment.
Worthington Background,Biochemicals,History of the industry,The founding of worthington, Operations, Manufacturing, New products,Employee information and Marketing.
ChemCon ChemCon is specialized in Contract Research and Custom Synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) as well as organic and inorganic Chemical Specialities in small quantities.
Biocatalysts Enzymes Biocatalysts was the first enzyme company to offer custom tailoring, you could say we were the catalyst that changed the enzyme industry from its inward looking production focus to a customer based approached.
National Enzyme Company Since 1932, National Enzyme Company has been the leader in nutritional enzyme technology.
Specialty and Biochemicals Co Specialty Enzymes and Biochemicals Co. is a worldwide leader in the production of industrial enzymes. Enzymes are eco-friendly solutions to industrial problems. They can improve manufacturing efficiency and lower costs.
Primera Foods Today, Primera Foods remains a leader in the egg industry, but we've also grown to include a wider array of ingredients including encapsulated, agglomerated, tapioca and rice products.
Australian Dairy Industry The Australian dairy industry comprises a number of organisations that represent different sectors of the industry. Together these organisations provide a framework for the industry to work collectively together.
Lipases Industrial Application Dairy Industry,Detergents,Oleochemical Industry,Pharmaceutical Industry,Cosmetic Industry,medical Applications
Brewing Industry Brewing Research International (BRi), a UK-based international research organisation which provides technical services to the malting, brewing, beverage and alcoholic drinks industry.
Amax NutraSource Amax NutraSource is an established industry leading raw material manufacturer and distributor of herbal extracts and other nutritional ingredients
Biotechnology application,Enzymes used,Uses,Biological Detergents,Baking,Brewing,Dairy,Starch,Textile,Leather industry,Medical and Pharmaceutical uses
Microbial enzyme technology-Leather Leather industry contributes to one of the major industrial pollution problems facing the country, and the pollution causing chemicals, viz. lime, sodium sulphide, salt, solvents, etc. arise mainly from the pre-tanning processes of leather processing.
PrognostiX PrognostiX is a medical  diagnostics company.we are developing new and innovative diagnostic products that enhance and improve medical care.
Nonpareil -Potato Company Nonpareil was the first company to package and market fresh potatoes in five- and ten-pound polyfilm bags. We also offer attractive, consumer-oriented four-color packaging and bin wrap.
Alfa Chem Alfa Chem provides raw materials of the highest quality to industries such as manufacturing, repackaging, research, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics, as well as Universities and Hospitals.

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