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Enzymes Industry @ a Glance
  • Enzymes are substances that act as a catalyst in living organisms, regulating the rate at which chemical reactions proceed without itself being altered in the process
  • All enzymes contain a protein backbone
  • Enzymes have good demand in starch and sugar processing, dairy, and bakery applications
    Good potentials exists in modification and production of flavor in cheese,production of Nutraceuticals etc

Enzyme types which have extensive demand in varied applications:

  • Carbohydrase enzymes
  • Protease enzymes
  • Lipase and esterase enzymes
  • Isomerase enzymes
  • Oxidoreductase enzymes
  • Lyase enzymes
  • Transferase enzymes
  • Ligase enzymes

The future of enzymes is in biotechnology and genetic engineering
With increasing regulatory concerns and the growing public inclination toward non-GMO food, enzyme manufacturers face significant challenges

Indian companies produce various enzymes like amylases, proteases, cellulases, xylanases, glucoamylases, pectinases, papains, bromelain, catalases and many other eco-friendly biological products. The product range and services are growing rapidly as the use of enzymes has gained wide spread acceptance.
The companies are looking at producing different types of industrial enzymes, using all the natural methods of production, from plants and vegetable origin, fermentation - both with solid state and submerge culture techniques.

Industrial enzymes manufactured in India are exported to Asian, Latin American and European countries. Several nations in these regions rely heavily on imports to fulfill their demand for industrial enzymes. Enzymes imported from developing countries such as India are not only available at competitive prices but also qualify the globally accepted quality standards.

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