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  • Industrial or White Biotechnology is an emerging field within modern biotechnology that serves industry. It uses living cells like moulds, yeasts or bacteria, as well as enzymes to produce goods and services
  • White Biotechnology, in contrast
    to Petrochemistry, makes use of
    a renewable resource: sunlight
    via agricultural feedstock
  • The use of crops, crop residues
    as feedstock is an alternative to
    crude oil having volatile prices and
    leads lower CO2 emissions.
  • Industrial biotechnology, an
    emerging field of biotechnology is characterized by the use of enzymes, microorganisms, and other biocatalysts to create new processes and products
  • Different companies, ranging from small to large in size, are dominant in different areas of industrial biotechnology and patent portfolios play an important role in their participation by facilitating the commercialization of new products and processes.
  • Two emerging areas of industrial biotechnology are cellulase related
    enzymes used in the production of cellulosic ethanol and enzymes for biobased plastics production



  • Many applications
  • The production of
    chemicals and biopolymers
  • Production of Bulk Chemicals

Company Profiles

  • Product development
  • Life Sciences Company
  • The Chemical Company
  • Multinational Company
  • German Company
  • German Companies - Directory
  • Company - USA
  • The Transporter Company
  • 100 Years old company
  • Biotechnology plants
  • Company Innovation

White Biotechnology 

  • Profiles of Innovations
  • Next Generation Biorefineries
  • Sustainable industrial production
  • Fedbatch Fermentation
  • Fermentation Products
  • Developments in Europe
  • Future Prospects
  • Developing biocatalysts
  • Research Focus
  • Efficient Implementation
  • Synthetic biology
  • Yeast
Technology sources
  • R & D Institute
  • Project Engineering
  • Consultancy Organization
  • Experts Profiles
  • Technical Foundation
  • Research & Information Network
  • Consortium - France

India Scenario

  • Industrial Enzymes
  • Projects in Progress


  • Bioplastics Market Information
  • Emerging Trends and Drivers
  • Consultant - Market Reports
  • Gate way to Future
  • Funding instrument for transnational projects
  • Opportunities in Germany
  • Outlook in Italy
  • Progress in Developments
  • Advantage - Germany
  • Major Projects in Europe
  • Scottish Chemical Sciences Sector
  • The Swiss Biotech Sector
  • Swiss Biotech Report
  • Thailand Report

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