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What is an
Information Profile ?

Many do not even know the type of Information available
on the Net and what to look for. Information Profiles illustrate the kind of information available and one gets a fair idea of what to look for.
These information profiles will be  in pdf
files, power point presentations, word documents prepared by experts.

In the Information profiles we try to indicate possible sources of information - which may include Research and Development Organizations, Government Departments, Machinery & Equipment Suppliers, Customers, Financial Institutions, Consultants and many other organizations.

While indicating the sources of Information we shall also try to indicate the categories and type of information available in different sources.

We have also provided you Sample Information Profiles for some categories such as apparel industry, foundry, food processing , Granite & Stone Industry to give an idea of extent of data available

Primary sources of information allow the learner to access original and unedited information. A primary source requires the learner to interact with the source and extract information. Secondary sources are edited primary sources, second-hand versions. They represent someone else's thinking.

Internet Research Reports
are prepared on any subject of choice of Entrepreneurs.
You  are welcome to ask for YOUR CHOICE of subject on which you want us to Customize the information profile & write it on CD ROM or send email

The Reports will be supplied in any format such as Hard copy papers in Floppies , in CDs , are sent in Emails.

Terms of our services are explained Here


Primary Information Services 
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