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  • The indiscriminate use of broad-spectrum insecticides has caused major problems
    with pest resistance, residues in food, environmental contamination, outbreaks of
    secondary pests, and reductions in populations of beneficial insects
  • The sterile insect technique  is a pest control strategy which has been used for eradication, and for suppression, containment and prevention, of unwanted insect pest populations
  • The sterile insect technique (SIT) is promising pest control method in terms of efficacy and environmental compatibility
  • SIT-related activities comprise the mass-rearing, sterilization, and release of sterile insects
  • Environmental risks associated with these
    activities can be avoided as long as safety standards and good field practices are guaranteed
  • Environmental assessments may
    reach different conclusions in different environmental situations, and pest
    management solutions must be adjusted accordingly
  • The use of sterile insects in area-wide integrated pest management  will continue to expand as increasing constraints are placed on the use of chemical pesticides in relation to the growing demand for a cleaner environment and residue-free food
  • Agriculturally Important Fruit flies


  • Orchard Pest and Disease Management
  • Fruit Production
  • Tomato Production
  • Horticulture

Company & Products Information

  • Company - UK
  • Company - Florida

Project Information

  • Business Plan - sample
  • Insect Mass Rearing Facilities
  • Benefit–cost analysis of Fruit Fly Strategy
  • Medfly sterile insect technique
  • Mass Rearing
  • Mass-rearing of Anastrepha fratercu
  • Cost Estimation
  • Quality Management
  • Project Evaluation
Technology Information
  • Research & Management
  • Knowledge & Technology
  • Transgenic mosquitoes
  • Mosquito Control
  • Sterile insect technique-Anopheles
  • Dengue
  • Vector Control


  • Tsetse
  • Screw Worm Fly
  • Consultant
  • Malaria Elimination
  • Training
Market Scenario
  • Environment
  • Alternative non-gamma radiation
  • Emergency Management

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