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  • Bio-hydrogen is hydrogen gas produced by certain life forms, such as hydrogen producing bacteria.
  • Bio-hydrogen production is performed in special bioreactor environments where biological organisms generate hydrogen gas in the presence of either sun light or from hydrogen-containing renewable biomass, such as glucose, sucrose, maltose, glycerol or starch.
  • In the past one hundred years, scientists isolated and studied many hydrogen gas-producing microorganisms, including green algae, cyanobacteria and eubacteria.
  • Especially members belonging to the latter group, such as Enterobacteria, Thermotogae, and Clostridia, have been reported to generate bio-hydrogen from diverse sugar feedstock mostly via fermentative pathways.
  • To achieve this remarkable feat, these bacteria rely on a unique class of evolutionary ancient enzymes (bio-catalysts) termed hydrogenases.
  • With the help of these hydrogenase enzymes hydrogen producing bacteria generate hydrogen gas (H2) from feedstock-derived reduction equivalents (electrons) and protons (H+).
  • Biohydrogen production technology can utilize renewable energy sources like biomass for the generation of hydrogen, the cleanest form of energy for the
    use of mankind.
  • Bio-hydrogen production rates by most of the researched microorganisms are currently low and only between 0.37 to 2.3 moles H2 per mole of glucose have so far been reported.
  • Considering the high theoretical value of production of 4.0 moles H2 per mole of glucose and the prospect of sustainable feeding of future bio hydrogen systems with renewable biomass-derive glucose and other carbohydrates, hydrogen production with the help of biological organisms certainly will have a bright future in a fossil energy depleted earth of tomorrow.
  • Bio hydrogen gas can be generated safely and – if immediately used on site with the help of suitable hydrogen converting technologies, such as a fuel cell – at competitively low operational costs devoid of transportation and distribution.
  • To give an example, the international oil company BP spent (2006) about $1.7 billion per year for operational safety at its U.S. refineries alone.
  • Bio-hydrogen can be economically produced from diverse biomass waste streams with minimum energy inputs.
  • Bio-hydrogen gas generation allows the effective and low cost capturing of the concomitantly generated green house gas CO2 and opens the perspective for the development of efficient “carbon sink technologies”.
  • Two mini hydrogen concept cars were also introduced at the launch ceremony and a change of the biohydrogen batteries in the vehicles was demonstrated.
  • The cars, each fueled by six containers of hydrogen, produce no air pollutants, only water.
  • What is Bio-Hydrogen?
  • Increasing biohydrogen production by metabolic engineering

Manufacturing process

  • Biohydrogen production
  • Biological hydrogen production
  • Hydrogen from biomass
  • Biohydrogen production from Industrial wastewater through anaerobic process in periodic discontinuous suspended growth reactor
  • Anaerobic biohydrogen production from dairy wastewater treatment in
    sequencing batch reactor
  • Biohydrogen production by
    fermentative processes
  • Biohydrogen production by
    fermentative processes


  • Tamil Nadu to have world’s first biorefinery
  • India’s CLRI develops tannery waste biodiesel technology
  • Taiwan's first biohydrogen fuel station unveiled
  • NanoLogix Receives $1 Million to Accelerate Biohydrogen Research & Development
  • Advanced Biohydrogen News


  • Biological hydrogen production beyond current limits
  • Bio-methane & Bio-hydrogen
  • Biohydrogen Research, Development and Demonstration Projects in Wales
  • Biohydrogen research Malaysia report
  • Status of biohydrogen
    research activities in Norway
  • French research group on
  • Biohydrogen R&D in the Netherlands
  • Biohydrogen research in Italy

Company & Consultancy

  • Company from Ohio
  • Company from Singapore
  • Consultancy from California


  • A Case For BioHydrogen
  • A Pilot Study of Nitrogen Composition and Effect on Biohydrogen Production
  • Renewable energy technology and prospect on Biohydrogen study in Thailand


  • Process for enhancing anaerobic biohydrogen production
  • Apparatus and method for biohydrogen production
  • Process for the preparation of saturated delta-decanolide or delta-dodecanolide by biohydrogenation
  • Biohydrogen production by an artificial enzymatic pathway
  • Method and apparatus for rapid biohydrogen phenotypic screening of microorganisms using a chemochromic sensor
  • System for rapid biohydrogen phenotypic screening of microorganisms using a chemochromic sensor

Raw material suppliers

  • Anaerobic bacteria
  • Biodiesel waste
  • Cereals
  • Potato
  • Sugarbeet
  • Sweet sorghum
  • European Commission endorses French €68 million R&D aid to "H2E"
  • Status Report on Bio-inspired Hydrogen and BioHydrogen Activities in the USA


  • European project to secure faster production of biohydrogen
  • List of Biohydrogen projects
  • Project focuses on production of hydrogen from bacteria and sunlight
  • Commercial Biohydrogen Production Project in 2013
  • Structural analysis of the entire electron transfer network of photosynthetic energy transduction for light-driven bio-hydrogen production
  • Bio-Hydrogen Project
  • Bio-hydrogen and biomass supported palladium catalyst for energy production and waste minimisation
  • Bio-hydrogen
  • Investigation of a thin. multi-layer latex coating photobioreactor for optimal light adsorption and hydrogen evolution using non-growing rhodopseudomonas palustris mutants
  • Biological hydrogen production beyond current limits
  • Renew transnet project- Biosyngas and biohydrogen from agro-forestry

Turnkey Service provider

  • Turnkey Service provider from U.K
  • Horizon, Pilus on bioreactors to produce renewable hydrogen from waste for fuel cells
  • N3Pharma awards Incbio contract for transesterification unit


  • Hydrogen economy in Taiwan and biohydrogen
  • Green Energy Development Center, Feng Chia University, Taiwan
  • Electro-extractive fermentation for efficient biohydrogen production
  • Recent development in Biological hydrogen production processes
  • New technology bio-hydrogen production and separation
  • 39th APEC-ISTWG Meeting


  • BioHydrogen Generation by Genetically Engineered
  • Hydrogen from Biomass
  • Direct Solar Biohydrogen
  • Biodiesel and Biohydrogen Co-Production with Treatment of High Solid Food Waste
  • Fuels from Biomass
  • Integration study on a two-stage fermentation process for the production of biohydrogen

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