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  • Bromelain is a mixture of sulfur-containing protein-digesting enzymes—called proteolytic enzymes or proteases—and several other substances in smaller quantities. The two main enzymes are : stem bromelain ,  fruit bromelain.
  • Bromelain is a digestive enzyme found in the stem and fruit of the pineapple plant. It enhances the absorption of nutrients from foods, supplements and probiotics. . Bromelain works specifically on protein and, unlike other protein digestive enzymes, it works effectively in all the acid and alkaline conditions found throughout the gastrointestinal tract. The clumping of blood platelets is inhibited in Bromelain. Tissue permeability is also increased by Bromelain. Bromelain (also referred to as bromelian) is an enzyme capable of digesting protein and is present in pineapple stems and ripe or unripe pineapple fruits. For this reason it is also referred to as the pineapple enzyme.
  • Whole pineapples were separated into three parts (fruit/core, peel and proliferating top), diced, and pressed to obtain juices which were further homogenized separately at 5, 10, 15 or 20 MPa for 3 minutes. Bromelain was extracted from the homogenized juices using ultrafiltration, ammonium sulfate precipitation, centrifugation, dialysis and freeze-drying processes. Yield and activity of extracted bromelain were determined.
  • Researchers believed that these enzymes provided the key health benefits found in bromelain, a popular dietary supplement containing these pineapple extracts. In addition, researchers believed that these benefits were primarily limited to help with digestion in the intestinal tract. However, further studies have shown that bromelain has a wide variety of health benefits, and that many of these benefits may not be related to the different enzymes found in this extract. Excessive inflammation, excessive coagulation of the blood, and certain types of tumor growth may all be reduced by therapeutic doses of bromelain when taken as a dietary supplement. Studies are not available, however, to show these same potential benefits in relationship to normal intake of pineapple within a normal meal plan.
  • The protein-digesting enzymes found in bromelain help promote and maintain proper digestion and may relieve symptoms of stomach upset or heartburn, particularly when used in conjunction with other enzymes such as amylase (which digests starch) and lipase (which digests fat). Similarly, an animal study suggests that the antibacterial effects of bromelain may help to control diarrhea caused by bacteria.
  • Bromelain is useful in the treatment of a wide range of conditions, but it is particularly effective in relieving inflammation associated with infection and physical injuries . Studies have shown that bromelain may help in the treatment of   Surgical Procedures and Sports Injuries  , Wounds and Burns ,  Nasal and Sinus Congestion ,  Digestion ,  Arthritis and other Inflammatory Conditions , Infection, Amyloidosis
  • There is a lot of opportunity in enzyme sector as industry leaders put the value of the global industrial enzyme market, including applications in food and animal feed, detergents, textiles, pulp and paper, leather and manufacture of chemicals at $1.6 billion to $2 billion. The fastest growing markets are fuel ethanol, animal feed and food enzymes
  • Investment of USD 80 Millions is required for producing 50 MT of Bromelain per year, from 2,320 metric tons of pineapple stems.
General Information
  • Bromelain
  • Characteristics
  • Background
  • Bromelain Components
  • Bromelain Enzyme
  • Bromelain (bromelian) information page
  • Analysis Information

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Bromelain Enzyme Powder
  • M.F. Bromelain
  • AcroScreen
  • Bromelain
  • Bromelain 2000
  • Crude and purified protein and enzymes


  • BromeZyme high activity Proteolytic  anti-inflammatory Enzymes
  • Bromelain Capsule
  • Bromelain (Pineapple Enzyme)
  • D.I.M. Quercetin with Bromelain
  • Recommended Products For Bromelain
  • Bromelain 300 GDU
  • Vitasan Professional
  • Wobenzym


  • Medical Application of Bromelain
  • Component of Bromelain
  • Preparation of Enteric Coated Digestive Enzyme Composition
  • Thiol Activated Protease from Stem Bromelain for treating Devitalized Tissue
  • Certificate
  • Composition and method for increasing exorphin catabolism to treat autism
  • Method of treating diseases mediated by cyclic nucleotide pathways with purified stem bromelain protease
  • Use of bromelaine proteases for inhibiting blood coagulation
  • Use of enzymes, especially bromelain, in the treatment of diarrhoea


  • Immobilized enzymes in bioprocess
  • Bromelain Technical Information
  • Technology Transfer
  • Fruit Waste Utilization
  • Enzyme Technology

Bromelain Extraction and Processing

  • Complete amino acid sequence of ananain and a comparison with stem
    bromelain and other plant cysteine proteases
  • Extracting DNA From Fruits
  • Optimizing Bromelain Extration by Reversed Micelles from Pineapple Fruit
  • Increasing efficiency of bromelain extraction from pineapple and its wastes
  • Optimized Growth Condition and Determination of the Catalytic Type of the Peptidase Complex From a Novel Callus Culture of Pineapple
  • Purification and characterization of multiple forms of the pineapple-stem-derived cysteine proteinases ananain and comosain
  • Bromelain Purification from Ananas Comosos by Membrane Seperation Processes
  • Fractionation and Specificity Studies on Stem Bromelain
  • Bromelain, from Pineapple Stems, Proteolytically Blocks Activation of Extracellular Regulated Kinase-2 in T Cells
  • BioIndustrial makes silent progress
  • Enzyme Market
  • Bromelain Prospects
  • Competitive Technologies Aggressively Enters Nutraceuticals Ingredients Market
  • Towards more successful integration of small and medium forest enterprises  into global value chains
  • EU to seek prior approval for food enzymes
  • The Effectiveness of Enzymes as Degradation Agents in Motor Oil
  • BROMELAIN - Project Profile
  • Bromelain treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
  • Bromelain Proteinase Activity in IBD
  • Jell-o or Gel-no
  • Pineapple Project
  • Mixed - Plate Biology, Hawaiian Style

Company Profile

  • Agrofrut Rengo
  • Exotic Naturals
  • Company from Nebraska
  • Company from Baltimore
  • Company from United Kingdom
  • Company from India
  • Company from Thailand

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  • Bromelain Actions
  • Health Benefits
  • Uses
  • Bromelain: A Literature Review and Discussion of its Therapeutic Applications
  • Bromelain Supplements
  • Bromelain Research
  • Kinetic of the enzymatic degradation of chitosan using bromelain
  • Bromelain as a Treatment for Osteoarthritis: a Review of Clinical Studies
  • Bromelain Proteases Reduce Human Platelet Aggregation in Vitro
  • Oral Bromelain Attenuates Inflammation in an Ovalbumin-induced Murine Model of Asthma


  • In Vivo Antitumoral Activity of Stem Pineapple (Ananas comosus) Bromelain
  • Bromelain
  • Delivering Enzymes in Functional Foods
  • Enzymatic Assay of BROMELAIN
  • Using Bromelain in Pineapple Juice to Investigate Enzyme Function
  • Biotase Digestive Enzyme Special Report
  • Developing pineapple fruit has a small transcriptome dominated by metallothionein


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