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Information Profile at a glance
  • Blood is a highly specialised circulating tissue consisting of several types of cells suspended in a fluid medium known as plasma. The cellular constituents are: red blood cells, which carry respiratory gases and give it  its red color, white blood cells (leukocytes), which fight disease, and platelets,  cell fragments which play an important part in the clotting of the blood.
  • Blood products are the safest they have ever been. The risk of contracting a viral infection or having a severe negative outcome are extremely remote at this time.
  •  Red blood cells transport oxygen, white blood cells defend against disease, platelets promote clotting, and plasma proteins provide  various functions. The preferred and more accurate terms are volume expanders for inert products, and oxygen therapeutics for oxygen-carrying products.
  • For many biochemical laboratory tests, plasma and blood serum can be used  interchangeably. Serum resembles plasma in composition but lacks the coagulation  factors. It is obtained by letting a blood specimen clot prior to centrifugation.
  • Fresh frozen plasma (FFP) is prepared from a single unit of blood. It is frozen  after collection and can be stored for one year from date of collection. FFP contains all of the coagulation factors and proteins present in the original unit of blood. It is used to treat coagulopathies from warfarin overdose, liver disease, or dilutional coagulopathy.
  • Cryoprecipitate is a blood product prepared from plasma. Each 15 mL unit contains about 100 U  of factor VIII, 350 mg of fibrinogen, von Willebrand factor, factor XIII, and fibronectin. Indications  for giving cryoprecipitate include haemophilia, von willebrands's disease, hypofibrinogenaemia, bleeding from excessive anticoagulation, massive haemorrhage, disseminated intravascular coagulation.
  • The appropriate use of blood products is defined as the transfusion of safe blood products to treat a condition leading to significant morbidity or mortality that cannot be prevented or managed effectively by other means.

Contents on the CD

  • Artificial blood -  what is it?
  • The discovery of blood groups
  • Blood transfusions
  • Artificial blood
  • Patient information
  • Artificial blood concept


  • Blood and blood products administration guidelines
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Guidelines for the collection of blood and blood products
  • Guidelines on the prophylactic use of Rh D immunoglobulin (anti-D)
  • Clinical Guidelines for the use of
    Blood products


  • Blood plasma pooling
  • Detection of Hemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carriers
  • Transfusion technology
  • Emerging Technologies in Transfusion Medicine
  • Adoption of Prion Reduction Technology
  • RFID Technologies
  • The need for blood substitutes
  • Transfusion alert use of autologous blood
  • Freeze-dried Plasma


  • Opinion on blood transfusion
  • Medical Equipment Market
  • Globalization and blood safety
  • US plasma market
  • Blood salvaging market
  • Market for blood tests for CJD
  • Cutting edge plasma products
  • Plasma product supply in Canada

Investment details

  • Bayer To Divest its Plasma Products Business
  • Communications Lifeline For Bloodsource Blood Bank
  • Cardiovascular Diseases & Blood Products
  • Industry profile: CSL Limited
  • Foreign Investment
  • Gen-Probe Incorporated
  • A Profile of ATP Health Care Investments
  • Pall Corporation
  • Anthrax Plasma project
  • Plasma projects
  • FP5 Project
  • Project for Producing Nanocapsule Artificial Oxygen Carriers
  • The Norwegian plasma fractionation project
  • Research project
  • Continuous blood plasma separation

Plant Details

  • Alfa Laval Biokinetics
  • Hemosol
  • Hemostat
  • Shanghai RAAS Blood Products Co. Ltd
  • Synthetic Blood International, Inc..

Production Technology

  • Artificial blood
  • Cord Blood Stem Cells
  • Influence of Blood Storage and Sample Processing
  • Polyheme
  • Integrated Blood Conservation Process
  • Manufacturing of Plasma derivatives
  • Serum

Equipment and Equipment suppliers

  • Blood bank equipment suppliers
  • Blood processing equipment suppliers
  • Blood transfusion set suppliers
  • Blood typing equipment
  • Blood collection equipment
  • Blood processing equipment
  • Blood collection equipment
  • Blood PCR Kit
  • Plasma Equipment

Regulatory issues

  • Regulation of plasma products
  • CHMP Blood products Working party
  • Client advisory
  • Equine Antibody Products and Plasma
  • Contemporary issues
  • Emerging Regulatory Issues for Human Stem Cell Medicine1
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Blood products and related biologicals
  • Clinical trial
  • Trauma center to test synthetic blood product
  • Alliance Pharmaceutical Corp, - Annual report
  • Bayer health care
  • Tissue adhesive center
  • Artificial blood
  • Clinical investigations
  • International blood/plasma news
  • The blood products’ storehouse of India
  • Issues of blood safety in India
  • Review of the Plasma Product Sector


  • Companies and Institutions
  • Biopure Corporation
  • Blood products - directory
  • Sichuan Yuanda Shuyang Pharmaceutical Co.
  • Companies list
  • Hemosol


  • Perfluorocarbon emulsions
  • Platelets
  • Hemoglobin based oxygen carriers
  • Hemoglobin based oxygen carriers - review
  • Blood substitutes
  • Plasma products
  • Human Cell and Tissue Based Products
  • Perfluorocarbon-based products

Legal Requirements

  • Biospecimens Requirements
  • Informed consent for blood and blood products
  • FDA's Regulation
  • Ethical & Legal Issues in the Supply of Blood Products
  • Blood and blood products transfusion policy
  • WMDA standards.
  • Manufacturing Practice Regulation
  • National Blood Policy

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