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  • Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) is one kind of high molecule elastic material developed in late years, which is one of the random chloride produced through reaction of polyethylene and chlorine. Along with rapid development of plastic and rubber industry, its application becomes much wider.
  • CPE has good flexibility, ozone resistance, weather ability, heat aging, oil resistance, flame retardance, electrical
    properties, chemical resistance sex. Flexibility and a weakened resistance to cold.
  • Chlorinated polyethylene products fall into two major categories : one category is resin type, known as a "CPE" logo and the  other is rubber-based, as a "CM" logo.
  • Chlorinated-Polyethylene is odorless nontoxic and white or pale yellow powder with excellent resistance to weathering or age ozone chemicals, and good resistance to oil or flame.
  • Chlorinated-Polyethylene offers excellent flexibility and resistance to ignition, chemicals, heat, low temperatures and weathering at a low overall system cost.
  • Chlorinated-Polyethylene can be used as a base polymer or as an additive to polyvinyl chloride (PVC), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), styrene acrylonitrile (SAN), high density polyethylene (HDPE), and polypropy- lene (PP) for a wide range of applications spanning both thermoplastic and thermoset chemistries.
  • China and the United States were the two largest consumers of chlorinated polyethylene in 2008.
  • About 80% of CPE is used for PVC modification and about 20% for the production of wires, cables and ABS modification. World consumption of CPE is forecast to grow at an average annual rate of about 4%.
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  • Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE) Basic Information

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  • Chlorinated Polyethylene
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  • Study on the Compatibility and Physical Properties of CPE Rubber/Nitrile Rubber Blends
  • Electrical and damping behaviors of CPE composites
  • Study of the Flammability of CPE under pyrolysis condition
  • Heterogeneous polyvinylchloride blends with CPE
  • Thermo oxidative degradation of Chlorinated Polyethylene
  • Chlorinated Polyethylene a  New Old" Plastic Material
  • Facial prosthetic rehabilitation: preprosthetic surgical techniques
    and biomaterials


  • Method of producing polymer compositions based on CPE
  • Compositions of chlorinated polyethylene rubber and nylon
  • Thermoplastic elastomer composition of crystalline chlorinated polyethylene
  • Cross linked chlorinated polyethylene foam
  • Vulcanizable chlorinated polyethylene compositions
  • Blends of grafted polyethylene with chlorinated polyethylene
  • Chlorinated polyethylene elastomers
  • Production of CPE Foams
  • Moldable in tumescent polyethylene and chlorinated polyethylene compositions
  • Thermoplastic composition comprising PVC and chlorinated polyethylene
  • Fluid and heat resistant chlorinated polyethylene (CPE)
  • Curable chlorinated polyethylene and co polyethylene composition
  • Low viscosity, semi crystalline chlorinated polyethylene resins and articles formed there from
  • Process for cross linking chlorinated polyethylene


  • An In-Depth Analysis of the Polyethylene Industry In China
  • Compatibility test for wastes and membrane liners
  • Thermoplastic Chlorinated Polyethylene
  • Chlorinated polyethylene rubber to achieve green manufacturing
  • West Moonint Announces Prices Increases for CPE
  • Living Building Challenge  - products containing Red List materials and/or chemicals

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