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Coriander Cultivation & Processing

Industry Scenario

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Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) is an annual herb
that belongs to the carrot family (Umbelliferae).

Major Producing Countries: Canada, Morocco, India, Pakistan, Bulgaria and Romania.

Other Producers: Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, China, Thailand, Poland, Hungary and the Netherlands

India: The major producers of Indian coriander are Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Madhya Pradesh.

Products in the International Markets: whole and ground seed; fresh, dried and freeze-dried leaves; and oil and oleoresin extractives.

Essential oil
Coriander oil is prepared by steam distillation of
mature, dried fruits. Russia is the Major Producer

Market : Food & Fragrance Industries. 
Used as a flavouring agent in pharmaceutical preparations, especially digestive remedies. Used as a fragrance component in soaps, toiletries and perfumes. Employed by the food industry especially in meat products and to flavour liqueurs such as Chartreuse and Benedictine; also used for flavouring tobacco
The seeds are a condiment in pickle spices, seasonings, curry powders, sausages, cakes, pastries, biscuits, buns, tobacco products, and alcoholic beverages like gin
Hundred gm of coriander seed contains nearly 11 gm of starch, 20 gm of fat, 11 gm of protein, and nearly 30 gm of crude fibre. Petroselinic acid, the main component of coriander oil, has many industrial uses. The volatile oils are popular flavours in pharmaceutical, cocoa, chocolate and liquor industries

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Properties & Uses
Harvest & Storage
Pest Management
World Production
& Consumption
Information Sources

Coriander Cultivation
Australia Coriander Seed
Russia Coriander Seed 
Seeds from Others 
MSDS - Russian Seeds  
Research on Breeding

CORIANDER (Sheep’s Parsley)
Quality Characteristics
Production & Yields
Market Potential
Information Sources

Safety Data Sheet
Herbal Extract 
Coriander EG
Hazard Identification
Safety Measures

Small Scale Production Of Essential Oil

Yield & Quality of Oil

Oil Seed processing & Companies

Supercritical Fluid Extraction

More on Coriander
Family & other names
Cultivation tips
Aroma & Flavour
Seed Oil
Culinary Use
Medicinal use

Coriander & Fenugreek
Market & Marketing Issues
Production Requirements
Pest & Disease
Harvesting, Handling, Packing & Post Harvest treatment
Contacts & References

Technical Specifications
Herbal Extract 
Coriander EG
Supplier Information

New Zealand Institute for Crop & Food Research Ltd Report
Crop Production
Spice Quality
Essential Oil
Production, Trade & Markets

Sample Trade Leads

Value Added Products

Coriander Seed Oil Processing - Study

 Super Critical Extraction - India

Coriander Trader

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