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  • China holds a commanding lead in exports of bed linen to Japan, with a 95% share on both a value and volume basis.
  • Other exporters of bed linen to Japan include the United States, India, and Spain.
  • The global home textiles market, estimated at US $ 70 billion offers tremendous opportunities for Indian players.
  •  The US and EU imports nearly $30 billion worth of home textiles.
  • The US market is growing at 5 per cent per year while the EU market is growing at an estimated rate of 9-10 per cent. 
  • Japan, Australia, New Zealand are also large consumers of home textiles.
  • The global trade in home textiles will grow from $8.6 billion to $23 billion in 2010.
  •  India's presence in the US home textile market is growing. India is the largest supplier of terry towels, bed linen and second largest vendor of cotton made-ups to the US markets. 
  • China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Vietnam are major competitors for India in this segment. 
  • Another segment in which India is a strong player is the embroidery market.
  • The Indian market for embroidery is valued at Rs 7.5 billion and is growing at 18 per cent per year. 
  • This is a highly fragmented market with the organized sector constituting 40 per cent of the industry.
  • Demand for embroidery is on the rise and export to countries like the US, UK, Africa, Middle East offers a huge market for embroidery products.

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