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  • The Technical textiles industry is a diverse and dynamic one, embracing a wide range of, materials, processes, products and applications. It also shares a number of technologies and has overlapping interests with other materials industries such as glass, plastics, films, membranes, metals, composites and paper.
  • Textile materials and products manufactured primarily for their technical performance and functional properties rather than their aesthetic or decorative characteristics.
  • The textile institute is the only world-wide association representing professional textile and clothing industry personnel.
  • It was established by Royal Charter in 1909 and has its international headquarters in Manchester, UK.
  • Two levels of Technical textiles: Higher-end level, Traditional level.
  • Technical Textiles are "textile materials and products manufactured primarily for their technical performance and functional properties rather than their aesthetic or decorative characteristics.
  • The technical textiles industry in north America, is  the largest textile industry in the world. the industry is highly fragmented and sensitive to the economy.
  • Textile materials and products intended for end-uses other than non-protective clothing, household furnishing and floor covering where the fabric or fibrous component is selected principally but not exclusively for its performance and properties as opposed to its aesthetic or decorative characteristics.
  • The textiles industry produces base products such as threads, yarn, and cordage and woven fabrics, carpets, and rugs; in contrast, the apparel industry produces finished clothing products made from base fabrics.
  • Technical textiles industry is the range and diversity of raw materials, processes, products and applications that it encompasses.
  • In India, present technical textile market is estimated to be worth Rs. 20,128 crores and the market is expected to reach 42,006 crores of rupees by year 2007-08.
  • India, the world's third-largest producer of cotton and second-largest producer of cotton yarns and textiles, is poised to play an increasingly important role in global cotton ant textile markets as a result of domestic and multilateral policy reform.
  • T3 is dedicated to spotlighting innovation and market successes in technical textiles and engineered woven fabrics.T3 benefits from the global editorial resources of its sister publication and the high visibility afforded by its worldwide circulation.
  • Modern biotechnology integrates the most diverse disciplines such as nutrition sciences, environmental technology and the textile industry.
  • Branding of Nanotechnology in the fabric industry will be important to the introduction of Nanotechnology across the spectrum of industries.
  • Textiles enjoy a special status in Japanese society, because of tradition, affluence, and overcrowding. The textile industry's rise on the world scene is the result of a broad and thorough plan implemented with unwavering determination.
  • Lantal Textiles is a leader in the design, production, and distribution of textiles and services for the international community of operators of aircraft, buses and railways.

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  • Technical Textiles Sector
  • Techtextiles in North America
  • The US Market For Technical Textiles
  • India & the WTO
  • Unraveling employment trends in textiles and apparel
  • SeaField
  • Growth & Potential Prospectus In India
Techtextiles Markets And Industries
  • Techtexile Markets
  • Growth  Prospectus for India's Cotton and Textile Industries
  • Technical Textiles international
  • NDC infrared Engineering
  • Baycor Products
Technology Involving In Textiles
  • Technical textile technology
  • Biotech/Life sciences Portal Baden
  • Ministry of textile
  • Nanotechnology
  • Trends in Japanese textile technology
  • Textile Research Associations
  • UV Technology
  • Advances In Textile Technology
Manufacturers and suppliers Of Techtextiles
  • Manufacturers Of Textiles
  • Manufacturers Of Techtextiles
  • Manufacturers Of Geotextile Products
  • Suppliers Of Geotextile and Nonwoven
  • Testing Companies
  • Equipments suppliers
  • TexBuyers

Survival And Moisture In Transport

  • Art and Survival
  • Survival Of The Best Fit
  • Bargaining For Survival
  • Moisture Transport in Textiles
Applications Of Techtextiles
  • Medical Textiles
  • Healthcare Management
  • Medical Textile By WoodHead 
  • Medical Device Markets in Europe
  • Woven Filter Solutions for Medical Devices
  • National Textile Center
  • Geotextiles
  • Textile in Train
  • Railway Technology
  • Textile in Aero
  • Aerospace Technology
  • Textile in Defence
  • Textile in sport
Textiles & Leather Products
  • Textiles & Leather Products
  • Importers Of  Textiles & Leather  Products
  • Trade Key
  • Indian Chemical Portal

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  • Textile News
  • Textile intelligence
  • Textile intelligence
  • Textile Engineering
  • ITMA2007

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