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  • Although the manufacture of adhesives and sealants involves relatively simple processes, extensive knowledge and experience with the raw materials as well as their formulation and compounding is essential
  •  Most companies depend on their foreign parents to provide new technology. A few of the larger adhesive and sealant manufacturers are vertically integrated, producing resins, either in India or elsewhere, for captive consumption
  • The adhesive and sealant companies then assume responsibility for formulation of these new raw materials into products offering improved performance.
    This aspect of formulation is where most adhesive and sealant companies derive their competitive advantage by designing and producing products to satisfy a
    particular market demand.
  • Numerous polymers have been developed to match and improve upon natural rubber.Natural rubber is polyisoprene and has good tack properties but normally not very high strength. With all rubber adhesives it is usual to add various resins and other compounding
    ingredients to give specific properties. These include: Polychloroprene - most important type used for contact adhesives.
  • Neoprene based adhesives have multi-uses (fevicol sr 998). They are used in leather, shoes, chappal, rexine, wood, foam, beds, interior decorations, railways,
    airlines, ships, bus body building, vinyl flooring, sunmica pasting and many more..there is no substitute Indian market is reported at over 20 lac liters per month.
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  • Adhesives
  • Polychloroprene (CR), chloroprene rubber
  • Project Description

Technology Information

  • Types of Bonding
  • Bond Strength
  • A Guide to Grades, Compounding and Processing of Neoprene Rubber
  • Adhesive Processing
  • Patent - compositions for polychloroprene adhesives

Project Information

  • Adhesive production Information
  • Adhesive Systems based on Neoprene-phenol blends
  • Polychloroprene dispersions for solvent-free adhesive systems
  • Adhesive Bonder Training Courses
Equipment Suppliers
  • Adhesive and sealant production Plants
  • Adhesive supply unit


  • List of technical consultants
  • Project Report preparation

Product Information

  • Product of U.K
  • General Purpose Adhesive

Market Scenario

  • Footwear Applications
  • Smart Bonding

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