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  • Mineral sands are different to most commodities.
  • The term "mineral sands" normally refers to concentrations of heavy minerals (HM) in an alluvial (old beach or river system) environment.
  • The mineral sands industry consists of two principal product streams:
    First one is-Titanium dioxide minerals  in the form of rutile, ilmenite and leucoxene and the second is Zircon.
  • Ilmenite is also used to manufacture titanium slag and synthetic rutile products.
  • The heavy minerals of the Florida region are very sparse in the areas
    of Pleistocene sands back from the coast
  • Situated on the eastern fringe of the peninsular India, Orissa has about 72.5% of the area occupied by Precambrian metamorphic rocks (of Archaean and Proterozoic age) which host the majority of the minerals
  • The material from the Florida beach and dune sands that has commonly been assumed to be ilmenite has essentially the chemical composition of the material that has been called arizonite.
  • Zircon is the other major product of the mineral sands industry and is a co-product of titanium mineral production.
  • Zircon is also used for the production of zirconia, zirconium metal and zirconium chemicals.
  • Smaller volumes of garnet and staurolite are sold as niche products for specialised use.
  • Repeated storm erosion and reworking over centuries or millennia may progressively enrich a mineral sand deposit.
  • Beach Sand Parameters
  • Geology and Mineral Resources
  • Mineral Sands
  • IMPC 2012
  • Mineral Sand Deposits
  • Mining of Monazite
  • Sand Mining
  • Sillimanite beach sand


  • Beach sand minerals
  • GSTA Presentation
  • Silica
  • Minerals


  • Beach  Sand
  • Natural Sand
  • Mineral Sand
  • Mineral Sands Ore


  • Zircon
  • Heavy Minerals
  • Mineral Sands
  • Mines and Minerals
  • Rare Earth Element

Manufacturing process

  • Processing
    Heavy Minerals
  • Beneficiation Studies on Beach Sand Minerals
  • Beach Sand mining
  • Separation of beach sand minerals


  • Beach Sand Screen
  • Coastal Beach sand
  • Collapsible Beach Sand Sled
  • Mineral based material
  • Beach Sand Garnet


  • Placer Mining Deposits
  • Summary
  • Heavy mineral
  • Radiation exposure
Exporters & Importers
  • Exporters from Chennai
  • Exporters  from North America
  • Exporters from Tamil Nadu
  • Exporters from Tuticorin
  • Exporters from Thoothukudi
  • Exporters from Tirunelveli

Raw material

  • Beach Sand and Red Sediments
  • Electro Smelting of Ilimenite

Company profiles

  • Company from Nagpur
  • Company from  Africa
  • Company from Chennai
  • Company from London
  • Company from  India
  • Company from   New Delhi
  • Company from   Gujarat
  • Analysis From Africa
  • International trade
  • The Resource Curse


  • Geology and  Mineral  Resources
  • Metals  and  Minerals
  • IREL


  • Heavy Minerals  of Florida  Beach
  • East Coast of India
  • Mineral Beach-Sand
  • Zircon and  ilmenite


  • Beach Erosion and Loss
  • Radioactive materials
  • Radiation hazards
  • Radioactivity of sand
  • Mineral-rich beach sands

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