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  • Handmade paper is an ancient art and is thought to have come to India from the Northwestern parts.
  • Handmade paper is a layer of entwined fibres and held together by the natural bonding properties of cellulose fibres lifted by hand, sheet by sheet on moulds in suspension of fibres in water with or without sizing.
  • The basic raw material being cotton rags / hosiery cuttings / re-cycled hand made paper itself.
  • The different types of handmade paper are banana handmade paper , batik handmade paper , floral handmade paper, Crinkled handmade paper, mottled handmade paper , block printed handmade paper, Textured handmade paper , moon rock paper.
  • The basic process of making paper by hand is fairly simple. It can be divided into the following stages: Preliminary Treatment, Beating, Sheet Formation, Pressing, Peeling and Drying, Sizing.
  • The products of hand-made paper include joss paper, writing paper, toilet paper and packing paper.
  • Hand made paper is used for office stationary, writing pads, conference folders, computer printouts, drawing and documentation sheets, certificate and degree awards; for fancy products like – office table accessories, greeting cards, decorative wraps and carry bags. It also has some important industrial application like – filter paper for automobiles, insulating paper etc
  • The hand paper industry is one of the important industries under the village industries sector.
  • As the demand for handmade paper increased the manufacturers began to innovate and create newer varieties of handmade paper in order to meet the demand.
  • A handmade paper industry will bring financial income and foreign exchange for local economies and supply more, cheaper papers for local communities and possibly for other countries and regions.
  • The Indian pulp and paper industry has recently experienced enormous growth, coupled with consolidation due to the value addition activities like embossing embroidery on handmade paper etc.
  • Handmade paper production has low capital investment, thereby promoting local entrepreneurship, it generates more local employment; it is an environmentally sound technology, depleting less resources and causing less pollution than paper mill factories; and it can produce certain specialized varieties of paper, for example, watermark, filter paper and drawing sheets, etc.
  • The export of handmade paper and paper products from the last two year was estimated for around fifty crores and this year the approximate growth was estimated to be 20% more and in the coming years it is said to be growing in many folds or multiples.
  • The handmade paper and its allied products offers a vast marketing scope in both inside and outside the country.


  • Types of Handmade Paper
  • India Handmade Paper
  • Environmental Friendly Handmade Paper


  • Trend in Using Fungal Enzymes, Lignin- and Pectin-degrading Enzymes, in Improvement of the Paper Mulberry Pulping Process
  • Recycled Hand Made paper
  • Hand Made paper
  • Diagrammatic study of Hand made paper and with their functions
  • Information related to hand made paper
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Hand made paper making process
  • Rags to Riches-India
  • Handmade paper from rags and trash

Indian Companies

  • Company from Rajasthan
  • Company from Jaipur
  • Company from Sanganer
  • Company from Jaipur
  • Company from Rajasthan
  • Company from Pondicherry
  • Company from Sanganer
  • Company from Jaipur

Foreign Companies

  • Company from Australia
  • Company from London
  • Company from Newyork
  • Company from Philipines
  • Company from Nepal
  • Company from Northland

Consultant & Research Institute

  • Consultant from Sharanpur
  • Consultant from London
  • Consultant from Mumbai
  • Consultant from NewDelhi
  • Consultant from USA


  • Supplier for Hand made paper
  • Trade leads of Hand made paper
  • Manufacturers of Hand made paper
  • Exporters of Hand made paper
  • Selling leads of Hand made paper
  • Hand made paper Manufacturers


  • Hand made paper
  • Hand made paper diaries
  • Euraba Hand made paper
  • Hand made paper photo frames
  • Hand made paper bags
  • Panex Hand made paper products


  • Daphne Hand Made Paper In Nepal
  • Plant Regeneration from Protoplasts of Paper Mulberry, Thai Variety
  • Growth and Development of in vitro Japanese Paper Mulberry Grown on Highlands

  • Ozonization of Dyeing Water of the Mulberry Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Role of Saa Fiber to Rural Development
  • Sustainable Livelihoods for Women Entrepreneurs based on Handmade Paper Technology and Handcrafted Paper Products
  • Strengthening the Handmade Paper Industry in India
  • Hand made paper-Mestha based
  • Construction of Handmade Paper Production Building
  • Handmade paper production


  • Manufacturing Handmade Paper from Sympodial Bamboos
  • Permanence of early european hand made papers
  • Hand-made paper for paper restorers and attempts to manufacture paper for the conservation of silk fabric
  • TARA Hand made paper technology
  • Transfer of technology model


  • Hand held paper sheet folding device
  • Method for making paper having the appearance of hand made
  • Production of paper and cardboard blanks and sheets in imitation of hand made paper and cardboard blanks and sheets
  • Method of restoring paper paintings and calligraphic works


  • Creative Handmade Expressions
  • Impeccable quality Handmade Papers
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Gangamani Fashions Quality
  • Kabir Handmade paper quality


  • Chopper
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Packing Machinery
  • Screw Press


  • Delivering Lasting Solutions to the Rural Poor
  • BRAC’s Programme:An Environment Assessment
  • Guidelines for Formulation of Project Proposals for Hand Made Paper
  • Hand made paper
  • Study of Ink hold out of tub-sized hand made paper


  • Eco-friendly Paper Boom
  • Hand-made paper makes a comeback
  • Traditional hand made paper industry in Rajasthan
  • Hand made paper
  • Hand made paper industry
  • Handmade Paper Value-Chain of Nepal:Prospects and Challenges in Growth, Distributional Equity and Conservation

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