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  • Mercury is a chemical element with the symbol Hg and atomic number 80.
  • The other name for Mercury is quicksilver or hydrargyrum .
  • In ancient times Mercury was found in Egyptian tombs .
  • Mercury is the only liquid metal  at room temperature.
  • Mercury is kept from cinnabar or  mercuric sulfide ,throughout the world .
  • Mercury reacts with atmospheric hydrogen sulfide.
  • It also reacts with solid sulfur flakes, which are used in mercury spill kits to absorb mercury vapors.
  • Mercury does not react with most of the  acids, such as dilute sulfuric acid.
  • Mercury is used in thermometers, barometers, manometers, sphygmomanometers, float valves, mercury switches, and other devices.
  • Mercury is a heavy, silvery-white metal.
  • When compared to other metals, it is a poor conductor of heat, but a fair conductor of electricity .
  • Hg is the modern chemical symbol for mercury. It comes from hydrargyrum.
  • Mercury dissolves with gold, zinc and many other metals to form amalgams .
  • Mercury causing liver failure,  poisoning, and brain death.
  • Ancient Egyptians and the Romans used it in cosmetics which sometimes deformed the face.
  • Mercury is used primarily for the manufacture of industrial chemicals or for electrical and electronic applications.
  • The element mercury is one of the ingredient in dental amalgams.
  • Mercury is used in various traditional medicines, especially in traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Thermometers especially those for high temperatures, are filled with mercury.
  • Mercury as thiomersal  is widely used in  mascara manufacturing.
  • Mercury is very poisoning human being, can cause several diseases  including acrodynia (pink disease), and Minamata disease.
  • It Affects children's and cause diseases like  red cheeks, nose and lips, loss of hair, teeth, and nails, transient rashes, hypotonia (muscle weakness), and increased sensitivity to light.
  • Mercury salts affect primarily the gastrointestinal tract and the kidneys and can cause severe kidney damage.
  •  Cost for  pure mercury: $48 per 100g.
  • Cost for bulk mercury : $1.74 per 100g.
  • Various compounds of mercury are used in medicine, dentistry, cosmetics  and also in agriculture to make fungicides.
  •  Mercury has  80:Electrons
  • Mercury was an essential part of many different medicines, such as diuretics, antibacterial
    agents, antiseptics, and laxatives.
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recommended that pregnant women, breastfeeding
    mothers and young children avoid eating fish with a high mercury content .
  • Because the fishes like
    shark, swordfish, tilefish, and king mackerel having >1 ppm.
  • Organic mercury poisoning  results shown from ingestion of contaminated food.
Mercury Properties
  • Mercury NMR
  • Chemical Properties of Mercury
  • Mercury (Hg)
  • Mercury Facts
  • Properties of mercury


  • Overview of mercury
  • Mercury Essential
  • Mercury is a Liquid
  • Mercury and PCBs in Asian Market Fish
  • Mercury
  • Mercury general
  • Mercury Photo gallery
  • Mercury Characteristics
  • Brief History of mercury


  • Mercury use in class rooms
  • Mercury uses
  • Mercury use in dentistry
  • Cultural uses of Mercury
  • Mercury use and pollution
  • Use of Mercury in Historic
  • Uses of Mercury


  • Mercury-Acros
  • Mercury-Anachemia
  • Mercury-Bethlehem
  • Mercury-Cecom
  • Mercury-Fisher
  • Mercury-Goldsmith
  • Mercury-Absorb
  • Mercury MSDS
  • Mercury-UV
  • Mercury-Palmer


  • Consumer and commercial products
  • Mercury Contamination
  • Mercury in skin lightning
  • Mercury and Chromium
  • Mercury-containing
    products and their
    mercury-free alternatives
  • Mercury substitution
  • Products

Manufacturing process

  • Mercury species and transformation
  • Technologies for
    the stabilization of
    elemental mercury
  • Artisanal Miners use mercury to amalgamate


  • Additives of mercury
  • Reducing mercury emissions from burning of coal
  • Mercury capture from gas streams
  • Making mercury cadmium telluride
  • Mercury cathode cells
  • High pressure mercury discharge lamp
  • Mercury reduction system
  • Mercury to treat Cancer
  • Mercury vapor
  • Removing Mercury from flue gases


  • Soil Guideline Values for mercury in soil
  • Mercury in the cement Industry
  • A novel form of mercury
  • Chronic Mercury poisoning
  • Mercury Toxicity from  Dental Amalgam Fillings
  • Mercury Toxicity and Antioxidants
  • Mercury Toxicity & Detoxification
  • Mercury Toxicity and
    Systemic Elimination Agents
  • Protecting Yourself from Mercury Toxicity
  • Mercury Poisoning
    Linked to Skin Products
  • Toxicity-Mercury


  • Mercury-free blood pressure measurement equipment
  • Ultratrace-level techniques
  • OEM-Supplier
  • Suppliers from Andaman
  • Suppliers from AP
  • Suppliers from Gujarat
  • Suppliers from Bangalore
  • Suppliers from Haryana
  • Suppliers from Mumbai
  • Suppliers from Jamshedpur
  • Suppliers from Mumbai
  • Suppliers from Maharashtra
  • Suppliers from Nicobar Island
  • Suppliers from Canada
  • Suppliers from West Bengal

Raw material suppliers

  • Cinnabar-Raw
  • Raw material supplier from Rajasthan

Company profiles

  • Company from China
  • Company from India
  • Company from Delhi
  • Company from Gujarat
  • Company from Netherland
  • Company from UP
  • Company from UP

Consultancy & Wholesalers

  • Consultancy from New Delhi
  • Consultancy from UK
  • Wholesaler from Chennai
  • Wholesaler from South Africa
  • Wholesaler from Chennai
  • Wholesaler from Maharashtra

Turnkey Providers

  • Turnkey provider from Greenville
  • Turnkey provider  from USA
  • Mercury-Advance release 2010
  • Mercury Control Cost Development Methodology
  • Mercury Emissions Harms the Economy
  • The Rise and Fall of Mercury
  • U.S. Mercury Price
  • Mercury today


  • 2010 Status Report of mercury in US
  • Control measures of mercury
  • Mercury Statistics


  • Contamination by mercury and cadmium
  • Environmental costs of mercury pollution
  • Humic substance-bound mercury contents and
    soil properties
  • Phytoremediation of
    Lead and Mercury
  • Mercury  Contaminated Material
  • Mercury Control Technology
  • Mercury in Ambient Air
  • Reducing mercury pollution from dental amalgam


  • Reducing global emissions from burning mercury
  • Aquatic Cycling of Mercury in the Everglades (ACME) Project
  • Atmospheric Deposition of mercury
  • Small Scale gold miners-global mercury project
  • The Dairy Mercury Manometer Replacement Project
  • Mercury Control in  Coal-Fired Power Plants
  • Mercury in the Bay-Delta Watershed

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