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  • Forging is probably the oldest metalworking process .
  • Forging is the process by which metal is heated and is shaped by plastic deformation by suitably applying compressive force.
  • Modern metalworking facilities have a variety of types of equipment to use in the forging process, and there are four common mechanized metalworking techniques: drop forging, press forging, roll forging, and cold forging.
  • Most forging operations are carried out hot, although certain metals may be cold-forged.
    Forging results in metal that is stronger than cast or machined metal parts.
  • Drop forging is a mass production technique in which the metal is hammered between two dies.
  • In press forging, the deformation of metal is accomplished by a squeezing action.
  • The main purpose of roll forging is the reduction of the diameter or thickness of a bar, thereby increasing its overall length.
  • Cold forging is carried out on machines specifically designed for rapid production of large quantities of small and medium sized parts from wire stock.
  • Spray cooling has been important to control die temperature in forging processes for years.
  • Two basic types of forging hammers used are Board hammer and Power hammer and two basic types of forging presses available are Mechanical presses and Hydraulic presses.
  • Forging was the first of the indirect compression-type process and it is probably the oldest method of metal forming.
  • It involves the application of a compressive stress, which exceeds the flow stress of the metal.
  • Isothermal forging represents a possible alternative to produce near net and net shape forgings. With this method it is possible to produce functional
    surfaces to finish or almost finished tolerances.
  • PVD hard coatings, such as TiN, have been introduced in a number of cold forming and extrusion processes, where the wear rate of dies had been reduced satisfying the demands at that time. However, as forging technology has advanced so too has the technology used to deposit such coatings and thus today’s coatings have vastly increased hardness, wear resistance and frictional properties.
  • One of the most widely used computer-aided techniques in simulating and analyzing the metal forming processes including die and preform design is finite element analysis.
  • The reduction of working pressure for cold forging by three techniques were evaluated and tested. They were:1. Pre-chamfering 2. Spread Extrusion 3. Relieve Axis.
  • There has been increasing trend of using continuous cast blooms for forging for reducing the overall forging cost in many large and medium forging units engaged in Closed Die forging.
  • The domestic automotive sector and outsourcing have been the key drivers of growth for the forging industry in India with consistent increase in production, capacity utilization and exports.
  • Forging
  • History of Forging
  • How to Make a Metal Forge
  • Forging Process
  • What are Different Metal Forging Techniques
  • A Process to Shape Metals
  • Forging Types


  • Optimization of forging processes with experimental design using on advanced simulation tools.
  • Forging Process
  • Furnaces for Forging
  • Investigation of Friction Measurements at CSM for Hot Steel Forging Applications
  • Thread Rolling
  • Forging
  • Optimization of the Ring Gear Forging Process
  • Predicting of tool wear for hot metal forging
  • A node-nested Galerk in multigrid method for metal forging simulation
  • Spray Cooling of Steel Dies in a Hot Forging Process

Company Profiles

  • List of companies
  • Forgings Companies
  • Company From India
  • Company From Japan
  • Company From India
  • Company From India
  • Company From Tokyo
  • Company From India


  • Consultants In Columbus
  • Consultants In US
  • Consultants In India
  • Consultants In North America
  • Consultants of  metal forging
  • Consultants In USA


  • The Metals Fabrication Industry in Victoria
  • Indian forging Industry
  • Potential and Prospects of Indian forging industry
  • The characteristics of the European market today
  • Forging Industry sales relesed by forging Industry


  • Application of rapid infrared heating to aluminum forgings
  • Metal components for archery Bow Manufacturing
  • Cold and Hot Forging Fundamentals and Applications
  • Forgings applications
  • Isothermal Forging of Ti-alloys for Medical Applications
  • New PVD Coatings for Metal forming Applications


  • The Development of a composite Landing Gear Component for a fighter Aircraft
  • Forging
  • Metal-Forming Techniques
  • Damascene Technique in Metal Working
  • Precision Cold Forging – Innovative Methods for Working  Pressure Reduction
  • Recent development in orbital forging technology 
  • Forging Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders


  • Compressed Air System Optimization Project
  • Aluminium Alloy Forging
  • Optimization of Forging Characteristics of Metal in Mushy State
  • Measuring Machine For the forging Industry
  • Novel Vapor- Deposited Lubricants for Meta I-Forming Processes
  • Teaching company project on cold forging at UEF Automotive Ltd.

Properties & Functions

  • Effect of interfacial friction during forging of solid powder discs of large slenderness ratio
  • Improvement  of High Temperature Properties Of Magnesium Cerum Forging Alloys
  • Mechanical Properties For Forging Industry
  • Metallurgical Properties of  Rotor Forgings
  • Effect of Forging Process on Tritium  Compatibility of Stainless Steel


  • Detailed Study of Crankshafts Demonstrates Superior Fatigue Performance and Durability of Forged Steel Over Competing Material
  • Activities of the Danish Cold Forging Group
  • Forging Industry Association
  • Detailed Study of Safety-Critical Component Demonstrates Superiority of Forged Steel over Competing Materials/Processes
  • Overview of FIA Comments and Analysis
  • Metal Forging, Pressing & Stamping


  • FWS Job Grading Standard for Die Sinker
  • FWS Job Grading Standard for Metal Forming Machine Operator
  • Job Grading Standard For Metal Forging
  • Metal Forger
  • Federal register


  • Glass cloth in Metal forging
  • Liquid Metal Forging Process
  • Metal forging Process
  • Method for making powder metal Forging performs of High strength Ferrous Base Alloys
  • Method of Forming By Cold Workers Powdered metal forged parts
  • Single cycle closed die metal forging method

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  • Turn Key Providers From America
  • Turn Key Providers From India
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  • Turn Key Providers From California
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