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Casting is one of the oldest manufacturing techniques. In comparison with the manufacturing of products in a transformation process, casting offers enormous freedom in terms of shape of the product.
In forging, a block of metal is deformed under impact or pressure and reformed to the desired shape.

The castings and forgings market is mostly a subcontracting industry, supplying a wide range of industries. Customers of the casting and forging companies are main suppliers of modules (e.g. motor blocks, vessels, valves), the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and their subcontractors.

The overall production of forgings increased to about 2.3 million tonnes as on March, 2011, from 1.8 million tonnes a year earlier. Though the growth rate of Rs.15,000-crore industry for the current fiscal was pegged at 20 per cent against 30 per cent last year, the growth potential of the automobile sector, expected to triple in the next eight years . The industry would see further capacity addition, attracting an investment of $3 billion by 2014

Contents on the  CD ROM

  • New Casting Technology
  • Aluminum Industry Roadmap for the Automotive market
  • The die-cast copper motor rotor a new copper market opportunity
  • Investment Casting Design & Applications
  • Investment Casting Market
  • A vision for American Metal casting Industry
  • Metal Casting
  • Metal Casting Overview
  • Vous avez castings
    and forgings
  • Buyers Requirement
  • Export Marketing Guidelines
  • Iron and steel valve castings
  • Forging Industry
  • Forging Market
  • Investment Casting - History, Materials, Future
  • India automotive
  • Market Model Stimulation
  • Investment opportunities
  • Growing interest in a growing market
  • United Kingdom Survey report


  • Market Information - Spain
  • Swedish Survey report
  • French Market Survey
  • German Market for castings & Forgings
  • Italy Market Report
  • Netherlands  report
  • Casting and Forging  market in Europe


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