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  • The International Organization for Standardization defines a robot as “an automatically controlled, reprogrammable, multipurpose manipulator, programmable in three or more axes”.
  • Robotics Technology trend is to produce a generation of intelligent industrial robots that can automate processes to improve manufacturing productivity, and maintain cost at the same time
  • Rising wages and demands for faster production are convincing manufacturers to invest in more robots to maintain their competitive advantage as global manufacturing exporter.
  • The robots often perform hazardous tasks and are themselves potential hazards to nearby humans. The market for robotics installations in
    small-to-medium-sized businesses exceeds that for large enterprises
  • There is an increasing demand for both industrial and service robotics
  • Robot-based automation can help foundries improve their industrial productivity and remain
    successful in a highly competitive globalized market
  • From sand mold production, casting, forging to surface finishing Robotics improves quality & efficiency of manufacturing processes & protects employees against hazardous production influences such as heat, dust, or Gases
  • Exhibition of industrial robots, service robots and other related devices contribute to the improvement of applied technologies and market exploitation and promoting
    the creation of robot markets and industrial technology.
  • According to Global Industrial Robotics Market Forecast & Opportunities, global revenues from these robots are expected to cross $37 billion by 2018.
Background Information
  • Fundamentals
  • Foundry automation with the help
    of robots
  • Robotics Systems & Solutions
  • The steel fabrication industry

Technology Companies

  • Robotics for Foundry & Forging
  • Automation Products
  • Global Player
  • Robotic systems for Foundry
  • Robotics product range
  • Robots Programming
  • Robotics design & Manufacturing
  • Developing and programming automated systems
  • Small to medium duty industrial robots.
  • Hot Metal Stamping
  • Robotics & Machining
  • Robotics: Simple, Proven, Complete
  • Software
  • Programming Manual
  • Robotics optimize Machine tools

Companies Directory

  • Industrial robot and related
    equipment suppliers
  • List of Chinese companies
  • List of companies - India
  • Exhibitors List - 2014
  • List of companies - India

Company Profiles

  • MNC in India
  • Innovative System solution for all tasks
  • Company offer - Automation solutions to the forging industry.
  • Japanese Company
  • Company - Robotic studio
  • Company - Mobile robos
  • Company - Engineered Products for Robotic Productivity
  • Company - world wide network
  • Company Performance
  • Company - advanced manufacturing Technology
  • Company profile
  • Company - automation & robotics


Foundry  & Forging Industry

  • Robot-based Automation for Foundry and Forging
  • Foundry Robotics
  • Robotics in Foundry
  • Case study: Foundry/Sand Casting
  • Foundry Robo Protection
  • Core making
  • Fast loop core making centre
  • Die-casting & Robotics
  • High-pressure waterjet cleaning by robots.

Training Institutions

  • Complex Systems, Simplified Training Solutions
  • Product online Manual
  • Products & Facilities
  • Innovation Centre
  • Training courses offered

Trade Fairs & Events

  • International Robotics Show
  • Robotic Asia - 2012
  • Exhibition 2015 - Overview
  • Robo World 2015 for Buyers
  • International Robotics Exhibition
  • Information for Participants in the Exihibition
  • International Robotics Forum for High School Students

Market & Reports

  • Finding Market for Robotics
  • The economic impact of
    industrial robots
  • Outlook for the EU Robotics Industry
  • Japanese Industry
  • Robot Industry in Taiwan
  • Robo Business Trends
  • Magazine - Robotics
  • The future of industrial robotics, system integration and components
  • Case Study

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