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  • Electroplating industry in India is spread all over the country and are mainly in small scale sectors with over 4,00,000 small scale units
  • The pollutants from the electroplating industries are hazardous, as the effluents contaminate air, water and soil.
  • The process of electroplating on plastics is similar to that on metals with the difference that the former are made conducting by some treatments before electroplating. The preparatory operations on plastic substrates include etching or conditioning, sensitizing, activation and electroless plating.
  • Plastics that can be plated are phenol formaldehyde, melamin , acrylics epoxide and Acrylonitrile Butadiene
    Styrene (ABS).
Basic Information
  • Electroplating on Plastics

Project Information

  • Chromium Plating on ABS Plastic
  • Moulding Guidelines


  • Plating on Plastics
  • Process Description
  • Copper-Nickel-Chrome Plating
  • Metallization of Plasitics
  • Chrome plating on platics
  • Plating Plastics - Guide
  • Trends & Developments
  • Texturing the Mold
  • Aqueous Cleaning

Environment issues

  • Industry Profile
  • Recycling the metal-plating plastics
  • Environment Friendly Technology

Case Studies

  • Chrome-plated Plastic parts
  • Plated Plastic Connectors
  • Plating of composite plastics
  • Plastics covered copper tube
  • Name Plates
  • Plastic Chrome Plated Parts
Market Scenario
  • List of companies
  • Companies in the Field

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