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  • Many plastics are difficult to coat Due to the low surface energies, the sensitivity to temperature and solvent . The number of different materials consisting of blends of different polymers is enormous and requires specific solutions for each plastic
  • There are three ways to coat plastics: electroplating, painting and PVD deposition
  • The UV curing technology consists of drying a coating through exposure to UV-light, leading to polymerization between the components of the formulation
  • Depositing metallic particles on plastic surfaces can be either gone through physical deposition or wet chemical deposition methods
  • Plating on plastics is to describe the decorative or functional application of metal onto plastic substrates using
    the process of electro-deposition
  • Plating on plastics is used in a wide variety
    of applications, to meet both functional and decorative needs
  • Exterior automotive components are often
    plated plastics, providing a lower weight option compared to traditional metal
    components. About 50 % of coatings are done on Automobile Parts
  • Plating on plastics is ideal for sanitary fittings that require durable and
    wear resistant coatings
  • About 25 % of consumer electronics need plating on plastics in one form or another
  • About Electro Plating on Plastics
  • Surface Finish


  • EMI Shielding
  • Nanosilver
  • Silver Coated Copper powder
  • Disposable Electrodes
  • Optics

Company & Products Information

  • Company catalogue
  • Company product range
  • Conductive silver coatings

Project Information

  • Chromium Plating on ABS Plastic
  • Process details
  • Coating Line for plastic parts
  • Coating Machinery supplier
  • Plant & Machinery supplier
  • Turnkey coating solution
  • Chinese machinery
  • List of plant & machinery suppliers
  • Solutions supplier
  • Chemicals supplier
Technology Information
  • Finishing Plastic
  • Industry Profile
  • Multipurpose Coating Systems
  • Metallization of Plastics
  • EMC Coating
  • PVD Technology
  • Painting
  • Coating & Application
  • Coating Technology for Prepreg products
  • Machinery Features
  • Plastic Painting Systems
  • ABS Pellet Drying
  • Plasma Coating technology
  • Polyester
  • UV Coatings
  • Coating on Plastic Pipes
  • Silica coatings on Plastics
  • Testing
Market Scenario
  • Industry Cluster
  • Market for Automotive Industry
  • Guidelines - regulations
  • Aluminum Pigments
    for Plastics
  • UV Curing in the plastic Components Industry
  • Market Leader in Modular Plastic Conveyer products

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