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  • Rabbit are strictly herbivores and have a very unique, sensitive digestive tract. Their system is fairly similar to a horse’s digestive tract – they are sensitive to abrupt changes in diet, they cannot vomit to relieve digestive upsets, and they must have a constant source of fresh water to maintain gut hydration.
  • Most of us think of rabbits as highly intelligent, inquisitive animals that enjoy munching on vegetables and hopping about on grass.
  • Fresh or frozen, rabbit meat is sold all year round. It can be used in most of the ways in which chicken is used.
  • Angora rabbits are mainly raised for their wool, which is known for its quality. Angora rabbits are of many types. The differences are mainly in the amount of wool produced and the percentage of guard hair in the wool. Among the various types, German Angora is the best and annually yield 1000 to 1200gm of wool under ideal management practices.
  • Rabbit farming is another livestock activity with great scope as it is relatively easy, rewarding and takes little space compared to other livestock activities. Rabbit farming can also provide a very valuable additional source of income in the rural areas. Medical and cosmetic research also requires a large number of rabbits each year.
  • Rabbit farming is increasing commercially in many countries. Rabbit farming on a small scale involves small number (a few dozen or less) of animals feed on a variety of green forage, vegetable, household waste and agricultural by products. Rabbits are warms blooded mammals possessing a hairy coat of fur or quills on their body. It is from the family (Rabbit, Hares i.e. lagomorpha).
  • Rabbit farms vary considerably in size and scope, from a few rabbits for family consumption to large commercial operations. In the United States, approximately 200,000 producers market 6 to 8 million rabbits annually. Many breeds of rabbits are produced commercially in this country.
  • In our country, this industry is picking up for wool production in hilly areas of Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and lately in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh and as a broiler industry in areas of temperate and subtropical climate in West Bengal, Assam, Manipur, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.
  • Rabbits are widely used for Laboratory experiments. Such rabbit farming is governed by specific guidelines
  • For Rabbitry schemes with very large outlays, detailed project reports will have to be prepared. The items such as land development, construction of sheds and other civil structures, purchase of the breeding stock, equipment, feed cost up to the point of income generation are normally considered under bank loan
General Information
  • Rabbit farming
  • The facts about rabbit farming
  • Meat rabbit farming-an introduction
  • Rabbit from farm to table
  • Basic Rabbit Care & Breeding
  • About rabbit farming


  • Farms in India
  • Farm in California
  • Farm in Pune
  • Farming center - pune
  • Cottage Industry - India
  • Farm in Egypt
  • Farm in Europe
  • Farm in Estonia
  • Farm in USA
  • Farm in Florida


  • Consultant from NewDelhi
  • Consultant from Mumbai
  • Consultant from India
  • Consultant from TamilNadu
  • Asian Institute Of Rabbit Farming

Farming and Production

  • The progress of finish angora wool production and plans for future
  • Discovering rabbits in the brecks
  • Rabbit production  - a cottage industry for himalayan region
  • Rabbit farming
  • Rabbit production
  • The Rabbit - Husbandry, Health and Production
  • Rabbit production in the tropics
  • Backyard rabbit farming in the tropics
  • Innovation in Rabbit Farming


  • Rabbit Husbandry
  • Genetic technologies
  • Digestibility and growth in the domestic rabbit using multi-nutrient blocks as a feed supplement 
  • Promotion of vetiver grass technology
  • Factors influencing the attitude of farmers of Tamil Nadu, India towards rabbit farming
  • Impact of scienceand technology on development of livestock production in vietnam


  • Methods for raising rabbits
  • Transgenic non-human mammal comprising a rabbit WAP promoter, uses thereof, and a DNA construct comprising the rabbit WAP promoter
  • Vaccine against rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus
  • Rabbit housing and rabbit housing system
  • Human herpes virus 6 detection assay


  • Environmental planning statement-construction of rabbit farm
  • Construction of rabbit farm
  • GRQ project
  • An evaluation of the Crusader R&D program
  • Project Management
  • Project support
Business plan
  • Strategic rabbit management plan
  • Sample buisness plan
  • Angora rabbit farming
  • Rabbit farming buisness plan
  • Strategies for the development of small and medium scale rabbit farming in South-East Asia

Disease Control

  • Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay of antibodies to rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus and determination of its major structural proteins
  • Abstracts from workshop on rabbit husbandary in Africa
  • Constraints against widespread of rabbit keeping among households in osun and oyo states: implication for family economic empowerment
  • Effect of probiotic bioplus 2b on performance of growing rabbit
  • Rabbit hemorrhagic disease
  • The illegal introduction of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus in NewZealand
  • Crusader meat rabbit disease toolkit
  • Rabbit warren destruction by ripping


  • Dargo walnut growers educating the walnut industry
  • Rabbit Farming in Florida
  • Thriving new industry of rabbit farming
  • Farming meat rabbits in NSW
  • Fur in Portugal
  • Wool India Data
  • World Trade
  • Trade Regulations


  • Disease information
  • Film on rabbit farming
  • Effect of weaning and slaughter ages upon rabbit meat
  • Case officer report
  • Director environmental services report

Equipment Suppliers

  • Rabbit Cage - India
  • Equipment Catalogue
  • Rabbit Cages from USA
  • Rabbit Farming equipment from Italy
  • Rabbit Farming equipment from USA
  • Rabbit Farming equipment from Australia
  • Rabbit Farming equipment from Canada


  • Selling leads of rabbit meat
  • Rabbit meat suppliers directory
  • Rabbit meat global manufacturers
  • Rabbit Meat Suppliers
  • Rabbit Meat trade leads
  • Exporters of rabbit meat

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