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  • Mink is an extremely soft fur compared to others. For this reason mink coats are very desirable and, of course, touchable.
  •  The pelt of a female mink is more popular than a male's because it tends to be silkier, have a lower nap, and is smaller in size, resulting in a narrower stripe in the construction of a mink coat.
  • On the other hand, male mink pelts tend to be less costly and due to modern breeding techniques, can be just as silky and low nap as female mink pelts.
  •  However, male mink pelts do tend to have thicker leather than female mink pelts, resulting in a slightly heavier, but warmer, mink coat.
  • Female mink pelts are generally smaller, softer, silkier, lighter in weight, and have a higher luster than male mink pelts, however a female mink pelt is not necessarily better than a male mink pelt.
  • This fleshing tool will not work on a flat surface such as a stretching board.
  • The surface of the fleshing beam has to have a curvature similar to the natural curve in the side of the bone used for fleshing.
  • The curve on the beam and the bone do not have to match exactly but the closer they are, the more surface contact you will have.
  • When the curvatures are similiar, you can apply more pressure, faster, over a broader area.
  • The diameter of the beam at various points should be just large enough to slide a cased mink pelt completely over and hold it without slippage.
  • Selective breeding has produced a number of different colour shades in mink peltries, ranging from pure white, through beiges and browns and greys, to a brown that is almost black.
  •  The two standard strains are brown and "black cross" which, when paired, produce numerous colour variations
  • Male” and “Female” refers to the gender of full mink fur pelts.
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Manufacturing process

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  • Process for preparing animal hides or pelts
  • Composite fur-bearing pelt and method of fabrication therof
  • Method and machine for stretching pelt on pelt-boards
  • Method and means for drying and fastening of stretched pelt on a pelting board
  • Pelt drying assembly comprised of a sleeve/bag of fat and moisture absorbing material and a pelt board
  • Process for treating furred animal pelts and/or fur
  • Tubular pelt board inner bag

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