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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Ocean water is the world's largest continuous supply of minerals. Every natural mineral and trace element known to man exists in the world's ocean water.
  • The deep sea is generally defined as waters below 200 metres.
  • Prospectors are increasingly surveying the
    seabed for metals such as copper, zinc and gold
  • There are opportunities of Mining for seabed minerals and collecting marine organisms for pharmaceutical and industrial applications (bioprospecting).
  • There is also the possibility of future CO2 storage in the deep seabed
  • Deep-sea microbes are used as a source for industrial biocatalysts (to speed up certain processes), biopharmaceuticals and antimicrobials
  • Bioprospecting is the harvesting of living resources, including plants, animals and microbes, for commercial gain.
  • World sales of all marine biotechnology-related products in the year 2000 were estimated at US$100bn.
  • This is a growing area, with more than 37 patents registered in the USA and Europe
  • Seabed massive sulphides  lie at extinct hydrothermal vents and contain copper, gold, zinc and other metals
  • The marine microorganisms, seaweeds,
    soft corals, fungus, sponges, bryozoans,
    tunicates, annelids, holothurians, molluscs,
    echinoderms have all been reported to be
    a source of bioactive molecules - acetogenins, polyketides, terpenes, alkaloids, peptides and many compounds of mixed biosynthesis
  • International marine legislation was created before many economic opportunities in the deep sea were feasible
  • There is a legal framework for deep seabed mining in international waters through the International Seabed Authority

Basic Information

  • Sea Minerals

  • Oceanic Minerals

  • New Resources

  • Governments Support

  • Products from the Sea

  • Sea Bed Regime

  • Rocks, water & Microbes

  • Biotechnology Scenario

  • Marine Biotechnology

Seabed Mining & Minerals

  • Sand composition and rock formation

  • Polymetallic Nodule Resources

  • Phillipsites

  • Palygorskite

  • Manganese Meganodules

  • Sulfides

  • Hydrothermal Vents

  • Iron Sulfide Minerals

  • Deep Sea Fungi

  • Mining : Impact on the Sea

  • Cobalt rich Crusts

  • Marine ecosystem - India

  • Proteases of deep-sea fungi

  • Drugs from Sea

  • Plathelminthes

  • Marine Sands

  • Marine based Sand extraction

Technology, Company & Product Information
  • Mineral Process
  • Seabed Technology
  • Hydraulic Lifting System
  • Company - Lipid technology
  • Company - seaweed gel mask
  • Marine Biotech Company
  • Company - Patents holder

Project Information

  • Seafloor Massive Sulphide Project
  • Mining project - case study
  • Small Mining Project
  • Technology Institute
  • Project expertise
  • Business support Services
  • International Organization
  • New Industries in Deep Sea
  • Marine Biotechnology Industry
  • Industry Profile
  • Cosmetic Mineral Ingredients from Sea Bed
  • Benefits & Uses
  • Company & products
  • Online Store
  • Cosmetic Uses
  • Carbon Nanotubes
  • Foaming Hand Wash
  • Dermal Spray
  • European Governments support

Environment & Regulations

  • Regulatory Organization
  • International Regulator
  • Law of the Sea
  • Licenses
  • Waste Disposal at Sea
  • Marine Mining Code
  • Fact Sheet - Environment

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