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  • Titanium oxalate complex was prepared by directly mixing solution of TiOSO4 .H2O with an ethanol solution of oxalic acid and aged at various temperatures
    and times.
  • This chemical is used in preparing
    zinc-alloy-electroplated steel sheets and in the preparation of welding flux and welding flux binder.
  • Oxalate precipitation is widely used in the synthesis of titanate raw materials. These oxalates are generally highly insoluble, they form particles that are readily filtered from the liquid and easy to handle.The titanium oxalate complex could degrade the aqueous iodine solution (tincture iodine 2%) which was
    used as a model for wastewater via photochemistry reaction under UV irradiation.
  • Potassium titanium oxalate and similar types of compounds have attracted attention due to their technological importance, for instance as precursors of
    nanostructured titanates.
  • Process for the production of potassium titanyl oxalate which comprises heating a tetraalkyl titanate with about three times the molar amount of water and twice the
    molar amount of potassium hydrogen oxalate.
  • The amino titanium oxalate is useful as a precursor in a hydrothermal process to produce ultrafine titanium dioxide powders.
  • Ammonium Titanyl Oxalate Monohydrate
  • Potassium titanium oxalate
  • Potassium titanium oxalate identification
  • Titanium oxalate, potassium
  • Titanium Oxalate
  • Titanium Oxalate - Info
  • Titanium and its More useful compounds


  • Titanium oxalate/Petrolatum
  • Safety data for titanium potassium oxalate
  • Potassium titanium oxide oxalate dihydrate
  • MSDS Of Potassium Titanium Oxide Oxalate 2-Hydrate

Analysis and Uses

  • The Oxalato complexes of Titanium (IV)-I
  • Photochemistry of Iodine Solution and Titanium Oxalate Complex
  • A Simple Spectrophotometric Method for the Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Titanium Oxalate Spectrometric
  • Synthesis, Structural and Thermal Studies of Titanium(IV) Complexes of N-Alkyl Phenothiazines
  • Synthesis of hollow porous nanospheres of hydroxyl titanium oxalate and their topotactic conversion to anatase titania
  • Thermal decomposition of potassium titanium oxalate
  • Inspection and Maintenance of Swimming Pools and Spa Pools in South Australia
  • Oxalic acid or oxalate composition and method of treatment
  • Oxalic acid or oxalate compositions and methods for vascular disorders, diseases, and calcerous conditions
  • Oxalic acid or oxalate compositions and methods for bacterial, viral, and other diseases or conditions
  • Production of Potassium titanyl Oxalate
  • Polyester polycondensation with titanyl oxalate catalyst and a catalyst enhancer
  • Hydrothermal process for making ultafine metal oxide powders
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  • Company from Mumbai
  • Another company from Mumbai
  • Another company from Mumbai
  • Company from Gujarat
  • Consultant from Chennai


  • Potassium titanium oxalate Suppliers
  • Chinese Suppliers
  • Indian Suppliers
  • Titanium Oxalate Suppliers
  • Potassium titanium oxalate Manufacturers & Exporters

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