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  • Titanium sponge is a porous form of titanium that is created during the first stage of processing.
  • In its natural form, titanium is widely available within the earth’s crust.
  • After being extracted, it is processed to remove excess materials and convert it into a usable, although costly, product.
  • In powder form, it is dark gray, titanium is as strong as steel with only 45% of its weight, so when combined with other metals, it greatly improves the strength and the ability to withstand extremes of temperature.
  • Titanium sponge metal was produced by four operations in Nevada, Oregon, and Utah.
  • Ingot was produced by 10 operations in 8 States.
  • Numerous firms consumed ingot to produce wrought products and castings.
  • In 2010, an estimated 75% of the titanium metal was used in aerospace applications.
  • The remaining 25% was used in armor, chemical processing, marine, medical, power generation, sporting goods, and other nonaerospace applications.
  • The value of sponge metal consumed was about $339 million, assuming an average selling price of $11.38 per kilogram.
  • Titanium is used to produce parts for jet engines, missiles, orthopedic implants, jewelry and mobile telephones.
  • The most important properties of titanium are its low density and high level of corrosion resistance.
  • Although six times as expensive
    as steel, titanium is very resistant to corrosion in both sea water and chlorinated water, making it popular with a wide range of manufacturers.
  • Titanium and its alloys are used extensively for coating the surface of implantable medical devices to accelerate bone growth and the healing process.
  • ISRO has entered into an agreement with state-owned Kerala Minerals & Metals Ltd (KMML) to establish a titanium sponge plant.


  • Introduction
  • Titanium Sponge
  • About Titanium sponge
  • Titanium Metal


  • Investment for Expanding Titanium Sponge Production Capacity in Wakamatsu Plant
  • Investing in Titanium
  • Kerala-Russian co JV for Titanium sponge production
  • Investment Report for Allegheny Technologies


  • Titanium Sponge TG-Tv or equivalent free market
  • India Is Seventh Nation to Process Titanium Sponge
  • Titanium Metal: Market Outlook to 2015
  • Global titanium supply to rise 20% in 2010, overhang to 2013

Product & Data Sheet

  • Titanium Sponge
  • Titanium Sponge powder
  • Titanium Sponge Briquette
  • Titanium Sponge MSDS
  • Titanium Powder MSDS
  • Titanium sponge - Product details


  • Manufacturers of Titanium sponge
  • Titanium sponge exporters
  • Suppliers of Titanium sponge
  • Exporters of Titanium sponge
  • Titanium sponge Suppliers
  • Manufacturers list

Raw material & Equipment Suppliers

  • Magnesium chloride
  • Magnesium metal
  • Titanium tetrachloride
  • Titanium sponge machine suppliers

Company &Consultancy

  • Company from Canada
  • Company from Japan
  • Company from USA
  • Another Company from USA
  • Consultant from Australia
  • Consultant from U.S.A


  • Process for producing titanium sponge
  • Process for electrolytic recovery of titanium metal sponge from its ore
  • Method for purification of titanium sponge
  • Process for producing titanium metal and titanium metal alloys
  • Process for making titanium metal from titanium ore
  • Recovery of titanium metal values

Plant details

  • SAIL titanium sponge plant in joint venture on anvil
  • KMML starts producing titanium sponge
  • Nation's first titanium sponge plant opened at KMML Chavara complex
  • Pangzhihua Iron and Steel titanium sponge plant enters into trial production
  • ISRO in tie-up to set up titanium sponge plant
  • Varennes Greenfield Titanium Sponge plant


  • Summary of Emerging Titanium Cost Reduction Technologies
  • Annual report on Titanium sponge market
  • Kroll process
  • Non-melt processing of “low-cost”, armstrong titanium and Titanium alloy powders
  • Titanium Metal in China
  • Titanium: a global rush is u to secure supplies
  • Recent improvements electrowinning titanium metal from composite anodes
  • The Global Titanium Metal Industry
  • Titanium production report
  • Titanium Industrial Base, Price Trends, and Technology Initiatives
  • Titanium sponge on titanium substrate

Manufacturing process

  • Technology for commercial production of titanium sponge

  • Titanium processing
  • Titanium sponge refining process
  • Development of Technology for Large Scale Production of Titanium Sponge
  • Kroll process

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