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  • Uranium is a silver-gray metallic chemical element.
  • Uranium, not as rare as once thought, is now considered to be more plentiful than mercury, antimony, silver, or cadmium, and is about as abundant as molybdenum or arsenic.
  • It occurs in numerous minerals such as pitchblende, uraninite, carnotite, autunite, uranophane, and tobernite. It is also found in phosphate rock, lignite, monazite sands, and can be recovered commercially from these sources.
  • Uranium is located in the earth's crust. However, it is not evenly spread, so it is only mined in the most profitable mineral deposits.
  • Vast amounts have to be mined, since most rock contains very little uranium ore (below 0.5%).
  • Radon gas and contaminated water leak from giant waste dumps and threaten the health of human and surrounding ecosystems.
  • Large amounts of contaminated water can seep into the ground water and further contaminate rivers.
  • Underground and surface workers are exposed to radio active substances and suffer the risks of lung and other cancers.
  • Canadian uranium ore comes from open-pit operations.
  • Once mined, the ore is trucked or pumped as a slurry to the milling facility.
  •  At the mill, the ore is finely ground and mixed in either a highly acidic or alkaline solution to extract the uranium.
  • The current uranium market is mainly a reflection of several partly interconnected economic, parameters: reactor-related uranium demand, supply, and uranium prices.
  • Uranium demand is based on nuclear electricity generating capacity, whose growth had been vastly overestimated in the past.
  • The pricing of uranium has always been relatively opaque, because there is no terminal market quotation and full details of individual contracts are seldom released.
  • The purification of crude uranium recovered from its ores at plant-scale using tributylphosphate (TBP).
  • TBP extraction technology and processes are applied world-wide for the purification of crude uranium and also thorium.
  • ISL technology recovers uranium using two alternative chemical leaching systems —acid and alkaline.
  • Acid leach is the more widely employed and has historically produced a majority of the world’s ISL production.
  • Liquid—liquid solvent extraction technology is used in numerous industrial processes.
  • Uranium is used as a colorant in uranium glass, producing orange-red to lemon yellow hues.
  • It was also used for tinting and shading in early photography.
  • Uranium is of great importance as a nuclear fuel.
  • Uranium in the U.S.A. is controlled by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
  • Crystals of uranium nitrate are triboluminescent.
  • Uranium
  • Uranium Element
  • Uranium & The Community
  • Uranium: Its Uses and Hazards
  • Uranium History
  • Uranium Information
  • Uranium (Nuclear)


  • Feasibility of Eliminating the Use of Highly Enriched Uranium in the Production of Medical Radioisotopes
  • Uranium Supply and Mining
  • Uranium Oxide For Nuclear Power Reactor
  • Uranium Mining
  • Nuclear Power
  • Uranium Mining Process
  • Processing of Uranium Ores to produce Yellowcake
  • Uranium Mine


  • Uranium market conditions and their impact on trends in uranium exploration and resource development
  • Reflection on the Uranium Market.
  • Nuclear Power and the International Uranium Market
  • Global Energy Demand
  • Uranium Market
  • Uranium Market Statistics


  • Hydrotalcite Compounds of low Uranium Content & Process For Their Preparation
  • Method For Producing Uranium Oxide From Uranium Oxy fluoride & Silicon
  • Uranium Dioxide Preparation
  • Method For Purifying Uranium
  • Preparation By Spray Drying of a Followable Uranium DiOxide Powder
  • Treatment of waste water from Uranium ore preparation


  • Decommissioning of U.S. Uranium Production Facilities
  • Corporate Information on Uranium Companies Across Australia
  • Resolution Against the Use of Depleted Uranium in Weaponry
  • Uranium One and Ur Asia Energy Announce Combination to Create Emerging Senior Uranium Company
  • Uranium Mining is Important For America's Future
  • Forsys Expand Uranium zones at valenica
  • Uranium One Provides Update on Global Operations and Announces Additions to Management Team
  • Assignments in the Uranium Industry
  • Uranium Mining


  • Area Uranium Leach and Adsorption Project
  • Uranium Mining
  • Beverley uranium projects
  • Uranium Legacy In Ca
  • Chemical Extraction Soil Treatment on Uranium


  • Military and Excess Stocks of Highly Enriched Uranium
  • Uranium Production In The Year 2007
  • Mineral deposit data for epigenetic base-and precious-metal and uranium-thorium deposits
  • Uranium Minerals 2006
  • Africa's Uranium Production
  • Compilation of Uranium Production
  • Uranium Production In The Year 2004
  • Uranium Production In The Year 2005
  • Uranium Production In the Year 2006
  • Uranium Minerals 2005

Risks & Hazards

  • Uranium Mining
  • Depleted Uranium: Uses and Hazards
  • Uranium Mining & Environmental Issues In Australia
  • Uranium Mining and Nuclear Pollution in the Upper Midwest
  • Mine Safety and Environmental Protection Strictly Enforced
  • Nuclear Free Stop Mining
  • Uranium Mining: Health Risks and Environmental Consequences


  • Uses of Uranium
  • Medical Isotopes From Uranium
  • Fabrication Of Mixed Uranium
  • Potential Uses of Depleted Uranium
  • Uranium Applications
  • Uranium Metal


  • Extraction of Uranium(6) From Nitric Acid
  • Manual of acid in situ leach uranium mining technology
  • Solvent extraction in nuclear technology
  • A selective uranium extraction agent prepared by polymer imprinting.
  • Uranium Extractions
  • Extracting uranium from its  ores

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  • Company From Africa
  • Company From USA
  • Consultant From Canada
  • Consultant From Africa
  • Consultant From Germany
  • Consultant From Kyrgyzstan
  • Experts List

  • Depleted Uranium
  • Depleted Uranium Oxide
  • Safety Data For Uranium
  • Uranium Standard Solution
  • Uranium Standard
  • Uranium

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