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  • The leather industrial sector comprises of tanneries (where raw hides and skins are converted into leather) and factories converting leather into a variety of consumer products such as footwear, garments and outerwear, and assorted leather goods such as wallets, passport cases, key chains, handbags and briefcases.
  • Leather Industry occupies a place of prominence in the Indian economy in view of its massive potential for employment, growth and exports.
  • The main production centres for leather and leather products are the following: − Tamil Nadu – Chennai, Ambur, Ranipet, Vaniyambadi, Trichy, Dindigul and Puducherry − West Bengal – Kolkata
    − Uttar Pradesh – Kanpur, Unnao, Banther, Agra and Noida − Punjab – Jallandhar .Tamil Nadu accounts for about 40% of India’s exports and has about 60% of tanning capacity.
  • The Indian footwear component industry which is the pride of India in terms of its contribution to total leather exports is facing stiff competition from China in a number of shoe components - cellulose insole fabrics, coated, impregnated fabrics and interlinings, where the price of the imported materials is between 40% and 50% lower than the indigenously produced materials.
  • Global players have shown considerable interest in Indian leather sector and leading leather brands from the US and Europe are sourcing leather and leather products from India.
  • In terms of policy framework, since the trade policy of India has to align with the WTO framework, the import duty on machinery and equipment, components, consumables and even consumer products like shoes, bags, etc. has been considerably reduced, including provision for duty free import of capital goods against certain export obligations.
  • One important policy initiative taken by the government includes liberalization of the leather sector. Government has de-reserved the manufacture of various types of leather viz. semifinished leather, harness leather, leather shoes etc., which are produced by small-scale sector.
India's Export and Import
  • Indian leather and footwear industry
  • Export Performance of Leather and Related Goods
  • Growth Prospects for exports of Indian Leather and Leather Products
  • Indian Leather & Footwear Industry
  • Indian Leather & Tanning Industry
  • Leather Industry - Scope for export
  • Indian Leather Industry
  • The Indian Leather Industry
  • Indian Leather Industry: Perspective and Export Potential
  • The Indian Leather Scenario
  • Summary
  • Trends in India's Foreign Trade
  • Indian Finished Leather Industry

Major Exporting Countries

  • The leather tanning sector: a global industry
  • Final Report
  • Finished Leather
  • India’s Leather in the World Market
  • Developing the Leather Sector in Kenya through Export Taxes
  • Marketing activities in the leather industry
  • Marketing Activities in the Leather industry
  • Vietnam Leather and Footwear Industry
  • Trade Information


  • Export duty gets under leather industry skin
  • Foreign Trade Policy
  • Export of Finished Leather
  • Exemption Notifications

Trade Leads

  • Chinese Trade Leads
  • Trade leads List
  • Global Trade Leads
  • List of Trade Leads
  • Case Study Of The Leather Industry In Tamil Nadu
  • Leather Footwear Industry in Dhaka
  • Diagnostic Study of Leather and Leather Products Cluster of Chennai
  • Diagnostic Study Report on Implementing BDS in the
    Kolkata Leather Cluster
  • Diagnostic Study Of Kanpur Leather Cluster
  • A Preliminary Study on the Bovine Leather Value Chain in South Africa
  • Integrated value chain analysis of the leather sector in Kenya 
  • Profile on finished leather Processing plant

Companies in the field

  • Company from Bangladesh
  • Company from Chennai
  • Another Company from Chennai
  • Another Company from Chennai
  • Company from Ethiopia
  • Company from  Indonesia
  • Company from  Kanpur
  • Another Company from Kanpur
  • Company from UK
  • Company from Uttar Pradesh
  • Another Company from Uttar Pradesh
  • Another Company from Uttar Pradesh


  • Report of Chinese Leather Industry
  • Indian leather industry feels heat of global meltdown
  • Report - Council for Leather Exports
  • Panel on Japanese Measures on Imports of Leather
  • Positive Outlook for footwear and leather industry
  • Report on Leather industry including footwear and other art works in India
  • Finished leather goods export on rise
  • Istanbul Leather Fair

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