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  •  Metallic stearates are compounds of long-chain fatty acids with metals of different valencies. The most important
    metallic stearates, in terms of quantity, are the metallic stearates of aluminums, calcium, magnesium and zinc.
  • Aluminums Stearate, Al(O2C18H35)3, is a powdered salt of aluminum hydroxide and stearic acid
  • Aluminium stearates are produced by the precipitation process only
  • Aluminium Stearate exhibits the following properties: Good gelling and thickening action, excellent water repellency, transparency and a synergistic effect with Zinc Stearate or Calcium Stearate.
  • Metal Soaps, in terms of quantity, are based on Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium and Aluminum. Their melt point plays a deciding factor in the decision of which kind of product to use and where.
  • Aluminium Stearate gives excellent properties of transparency, stringiness and water repellency. It acts as a high temperature resistant when added in lubricants. Aluminium Stearate is used
    for defoaming properties.
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  • Aluminum Monostearate NF Powder HyQual Vegetable
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