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  • Bico or Bicomponent is formed by extruding one type of polymer on the inside of the strand and another type on the outside
  • Bi-component Fiber fiber with two different elements, usually polymers with different melting points.
  • The objective of producing Bicomponent fibers is to exploit capabilities not existing in either polymer alone. By this technique, it is possible to produce fibers of any cross sectional shape or geometry that can be imagined.
  • Bicomponent fibers are generally classified by their fiber cross-section structures as side-by-side, sheath-core, islands-in-the-sea and citrus fibers or segmented-pie cross-section types.
  • Low melt thermoplastic like polyethylene is on the outside and polypropylene or polyester is on the inside. When heated in an oven, the polyethylene melts and bonds the other fibers together
  • The present production of bicomponent fibers worldwide is said to be only a fraction of the 25 million metric tons of manmade fiber market
  • The main applications are Nonwoven fabrics for diapers, feminine care and adult incontinence products ; Air-laid nonwoven structures are used as absorbent cores in wet wipes ; Used in spun laced nonwoven products like medical disposable textiles, filtration products ..
  • Bicomponent Fiber
  • Nonwoven Glossary


  • Power transmission belts
  • Fiber for Needlepunching
  • Elastic NonwovenFabrics with Fabrics Bicomponent Fibers
  • Polypropylene for
    Nonwoven Applications
  • Sports Wear Fabrics
  • Fiber Innovations

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  • Company Presentation
  • Company - Spun bond Business
  • Company annual report
  • Elastic Nonwovens
  • Consultants - fiber Industry
  • Nonwovens for diapers
  • Nonwovens Company Profile
  • Absorbent hygiene products
    and medical gowns and drapes
  • Bicomponents Fiber
  • Company expansion
  • Engineering Fabrics - Wipes
  • Company Products & expertise
  • Company sustainability report
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  • Industry Profile
  • Bicomponent Fibers
  • Industry Profile
  • Nonwoven Sourcing
  • Nonwoven Companies
  • Product Profile
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  • End Uses
  • Market - China
  • Manufacturers
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  • European regulatory Issues
  • Technical textiles market
  • Nonwoven - trends
  • Nonwoven - garments
Technology Information
  • The Preparation of Spunbonded Bicomponent Fiber
  • High Speed Spinning Spunbond Process
  • Bicomponent melt spinning
  • Melt Electrospining
  • European Patent
  • Bicomponents Polyester Fibers
  • Project Engineering
  • Micro-denier fibers
  • Bico Fibers
  • Consultants
  • Technical Analysis
  • Machinery suppliers

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