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  • Isoprene is a valuable monomer for the rubber and most chemical industries.
  • Isoprene (C5H8) is a colourless liquid with an aromatic odour. It is insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and because of its low vapour pressure and double bonds is very reactive
  • Isoprene is classified as a possible human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer
  • Isoprene Feedstock is mainly used to produce isoprene and piperylene
  • Some of the methods for isoprene synthesis used on an industrial scale are
    1. Synthesis from Isobutylene and formaldehyde.
    2. Dehydration of isopentane.
    3. Oxidative dehydration of isopentane.
    4. Synthesis from propylene.
    5. Synthesis from acetylene and acetone.
    6. Recovery of isoprene from C5 fraction of liquid petroleum pyrolysis.
    7. Liquid phase oxidation of hydrocarbons.
  • The rapid development of synthetic
    rubber is a result of the huge demand for this material.
  • Isoprene prices in both, China and US have witnessed a downtrend since the beginning of the year 2013.
  • The polymerisation of isoprene using catalysts yields a synthetic rubber, polyisoprene, which closely resembles natural rubber. Polyisoprene is used in a wide variety of rubber applications
    including medical equipment, baby bottle teats/nipples, toys, shoe soles, tyres, and elastic films and threads for golf balls or textiles. It is also used in adhesives and in paints and coatings
  • Isoprene is an important chemical with annual demand of over a million tons per year
  • Terpenes: The Isoprene Rule
  • World of Isoprene
  • Production of Isoprene from
    different raw materials
  • Process Economics


  • Product Information
  • Medical Stoppers
  • Modern synthetic polyisoprene

Company Information

  • Global chemical technology company
  • Company presentation
  • Company annual report
  • Company - Liquid Isoprene Rubber
  • Company - polyisoprene grades
  • Company - Prospects
  • Company - Isobutylene Isoprene Rubber tech import
  • Company - biochemical
  • Elastomer Company
  • Synthetic biology companies
  • Company - Isoprene Feedstock
  • Company & Product specifications


  • Emission Issues - Asia
  • Risk Assessment
  • Isobutylene
  • Estimation of emissions
  • Product Safety


Market Information
  • Business Analysis
  • Supplying Butyl Rubber Globally for Growing Industries
  • Case Study - biosynthetic isoprene
  • Olelochemicals
  • Commodity report
  • Consultant - Market reports
  • Market data - historical
Technology Information
  • C5 non-cyclics
  • Two-Stage Dehydrogenation of Isopentane
  • Synthesis of Terpene compounds
  • Thermal conversion of scrap Tires
  • Microorganisms & Processes for the production of Isoprene
  • Bio-based Process
  • Production technology - Isoprene
  • Process for manufacturing isoprene containing block copolymers
  • Production of light olefins and isoprene from butane
  • Feedstock specifications
  • Isoprene Feedstock
  • Glycol Dehydration
  • Industrial Isoprene
  • Process Opyimization
  • Consultant - technology
  • Consultancy - Licensing
  • Licensed Technologies
  • Synthetic Rubber

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