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  • Goodyear’s forward-looking concept tyre made with BioIsoprene Technology was awarded the prestigious “Environmental Achievement of the Year Award” at the second Tyre Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence ceremony – the world’s biggest celebration of endeavour in the field of tyres.
  • The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. and Genencor, a division of Danisco A/S, have established a research collaboration to develop an integrated fermentation, recovery and purification system for producing BioIsoprene™ product from
    renewable raw materials.
  • The award winning concept tyre with BioIsoprene represents a breakthrough alternative to a petrochemically produced
    ingredient in the manufacture of synthetic rubber with renewable biomass.
  • The tyres made with BioIsoprene, which are
    the result of a collaboration between Genencor, a division of Danisco, and Goodyear, reconfirms Goodyear’s longstanding industry leadership in developing innovative tyre technologies.
  • Amyris expects to to begin commercialization of the bio-isoprene to other customers in 2015, while Michelin is reportedly committing off-take volumes on a ten years basis.
  • Using sugars from renewable sources such as sugar cane, corn or switchgrass, the scientists have been able to create a “green” isoprene, trademarked as BioIsoprene.
  • Danisco said it planned to invest $11 million in developing biobased isoprene in 2011.
  • Making synthetic rubber from renewable biomass
  • Dispatches from the Bio-based economy
  • BioIsoprene - a renewable product with biofuel potential
  • Green fuel and green tires from corn

Manufacturing process

  • Enhancing production of Bio-Isoprene using hybrid MVA pathway and Isoprene synthase in E.coli
  • Novel biocatalyst discovery and applications

Company profiles , Product & Project

  • Company from Texas
  • Company from U.S
  • BioIsoprene monomer
  • Genencor Bio-Isoprene Project


  • Isoprene synthase variants for improved microbial production of isoprene
  • Fuel compositions comprising isoprene derivatives
  • Purification of Isoprene From Renewable Resources
  • Production of Isoprene under neutral pH conditions
  • Use of free fatty acids produced from bio-sourced oils and fats as the feedstock for a steam cracker


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  • Goodyear and Genencor seek a fermentation route to important synthetic rubber raw material
  • The potential for Bio-Isoprene
  • Amyris moves toward bio-isoprene commercialization
  • The second part of a series on alternative energy sources
  • Bioengineers turn trees into tyres


  • BioIsoprene technology is awarded "Environmental achievement of the year"
  • Amyris and Michelin in bio-isoprene
  • Tires could be on the road to a greener future
  • Michelin team up with Amyris to make tyres from bio-isoprene
  • Making rubber from renewables
  • Isoprene research could lead to eco-friendly car tires
  • Genencor and Goodyear partnering on process to develop BioIsoprene from sugars


  • Renewable energy in industrial applications
  • Create value by renovating and make it green
  • Industrial biotechnology and knowledge transfer
  • Biobased alternatives for manufacturing process
  • Renewable chemicals and Biobased products

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