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  • Supari is the dehydrated betel nut sliced for direct consumption. It is used as mouth fresher after
    food. It is a typical Indian product popular with both young and old. Betel nuts are abundantly
    found are extensively used. Conversion of betel nut to supari confers substantial value addition to the extent of 80% of the cost.
  • The raw material for supari i.e. betel nut is abundantly available The habit of chewing up supari with pan is popular practice. The demand for supari has ne ver decreased. It is a labour intensive with low or no technology input
  • India is the major producer and consumer of arecanut in the world
  • Indian traders were importing arecanut from
    Indonesia paying high import duty
  • A few tropical Asian countries account for all the 600 million users of supari
  • Countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia, among others, have most consumers of areca nut.
  • Areca nut and other variants of chewing tobacco are manufactured in India and exported to the U.S., and other counties where they are easily available in Indian grocery stores.
  • Areca nut Farming
  • Market Profile
  • Areca Nut Farming in Southern India: A Case Study

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  • Pan Masala
  • Supari Roasting

Supari Processing

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  • Export Data of betel nut Supari to Hong Kong
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  • Betel Nut Product Characteristics and Availability
  • Price Information
  • Pan Masala Sada, Meetha & Zarda
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