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  • A liquid-crystal display is a type of electrically generated image shown on a thin, flat panel
  • LCDs are now found everywhere – in home-electronics systems, mobile phones, cameras and computer monitors, as well as watches and TVs.
  • An LCD display panel, on average, consists of thousands of picture elements  which are individually addressed by a voltage. They have become popular because they are thinner, lighter and have a lower voltage of operation than other display technologies, and they are perfect for battery-powered devices
  • Since LCD panels produce no light of their own, they require external light to produce a visible image
  • LCDs are broadly classified as either Tran missive or reflective, depending upon the position of their source of light
  • There are now LCDs, which combine the basic features of both transmissive and reflective LCDs. They are called Transflective LCDs and they operate transmissively or reflectively depending upon the ambient light conditions.
  • TFT DISPLAY is Short for thin film transistor, a type of LCD flat-panel display screen, in which each pixel is controlled by from one to four transistors. The TFT technology provides the best resolution of all the flat-panel techniques, but it is also the most expensive. TFT screens are sometimes called active-matrix LCDs
  • The liquid crystal displays (LCDs) possess the most mature technology and best consuming competitiveness in the flat panel display (FPD) industries.
  • The global market for LCDs is currently approaching $100 bn, LCD manufacture is truly global, with display production concentrated in the Far East and growing in central and eastern Europe. US firms lead the way in production technologies.
  • Company in India is setting up USD 10-billion LCD screen plant, which is billed as the country's first, will start production in 2018
  • By 2020, India's LCD panel import bill is expected to touch USD 10 billion
  • The panel industry is a successful example of upgrading of capital-intensive industries in China.
    The share of Chinese manufacturers in the global LCD panel production capacity (in terms of capacity) increased from 2% in 2003 to 24% in 2016. Mainland China is on track to overtake South Korea and Taiwan in 2018 to become the world’s largest panel manufacturer. On the new AMOLED display technology, Chinese panel manufacturers are investing heavily in R&D and new production lines and will likely become tier-2 players in this market (behind Samsung and LG Display)
  • The global TFT LCD panel market has experienced a significant growth in recent years. This growth can be attributed to the increasing demand for electronic products such as laptops, cell phones, laser
    pointer astronomy, LCD TVs, PCs, medical equipment, SLR cameras, digital photo frames, etc.
  • The demand for TFT LCDs is increasing
    primarily due to a growing penetration of average sized as well as large sized flat panel TVs, portable tablets, and other consumer electronics like, cell phones, PCs, laptops, navigation equipment, laser pointer astronomy, medical equipment, SLR cameras, digital photo frames, etc.
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