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  • LEDs are diode, which emits photons. They gives lights when current is passed through them. Since it does not need heating of filament or gas, it does not have the problem of burning out
  • LED consumes very less energy and are very efficient than incandescent bulb.
  • The LED system consists of several components. Without each other, these components have little commercial use. Itís their performance when used together that separates LEDs from other technologies
  • LED lighting is a combination of a solid state light source, a control gear for operation of the LED lighting and optics for light distribution. These component
    parts together will affect the performance of the LED lighting in respect of energy efficiency, colour quality, life and lumen maintenance
  • The key aspects to be taken into account in specifying and procuring LED lighting products to be used in lighting projects are LED lighting
    construction and light distribution, LED driver and lighting controls, thermal management, energy efficiency, colour quality, life and lumen maintenance, and
    performance and quality assurance.
  • LED chips wafers & Packaging is capital and technology intensive project
  • However , Assembling LED Lighting products can be good business proposition and might involve about INR 35 Lakhs. Lighting modules & Lamps and lighting systems can be done as profitable ventures
General Information
  • Basics
  • LED Light Projects
  • Simple LED Lamp
  • Fundamentals
  • FAQs


  • Building a Lamp Unit
  • LED Light Solutions
  • Design Guide
  • Mounting LEDs for display


  • Strip LED Lamp
  • Three stage LED Driver
  • Lighting Circuit Guide
  • Patent

Assembling process

  • Basics
  • Handling & Assembling
  • Total Assembly Solutions
  • Links
Projects Information
  • LED Lighting - Business Plan
  • Project details - case study
  • LED lamp circuit from scrap
  • LED based Solar Lantern
  • LED based solar products
  • Project Outline - LED Lights for Homes
  • Project - Garden Lights


  • Automatic LED Street Lamp Assembly Line
  • Chinese Machinery suppliers

Components & Raw Materials

  • Procurement of LED Light components
  • Spare Parts
  • LED Chips & Materials
  • Suppliers List

Company Products

  • Company - USA
  • Company - Technology
  • LED Construction details
  • Company - Bangalore
  • Company at California
  • Company catalog
  • Market Brief
  • India Scenario
  • LED Chip
  • Lighting - best practices
  • Government supports
  • Tax concessions
  • Traffic Light system in Singapore
  • Consultant Report
  • Tender
  • LED Expo - 2013


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