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  • Barium (atomic number: 56, element symbol: Ba).
  • Barium is a chemical element found in ores containing other elements.
  • Barium is rarely used outside the laboratory.
  • Barium is also used in making a wide variety of electronic components, in metal alloys, bleaches, dyes, fireworks, ceramics and glass.
  • Barium is a lustrous, machinable metal which exists in nature only in ores containing mixtures of elements.
  • Barium compounds are found primarily in two ores, The first ore is barite and the second is witherite.
  • Barium also has many industrial applications. Although pure barium metal can be used to remove undesirable gases from electronic vacuum tubes, barium's compounds are much more important to industry.
  • Barium reaction is similar in to Calcium in its chemical properties.
  • Barium's many compounds have a number of practical applications.
  • Perhaps the most familiar is the one used in a medical procedure, the barium enema.
  • Barium is used in fireworks to give a green colouration.
  • Barium is used in glassmaking.
    Barium is used as a getter in the electronics industry, to remove the last traces of gases in vacuum tubes.
  • Barium is used in medicine in the form of a Barium Meal.
  • Barite (Barium)
  • The Drop On Water
  • ToxGuide for Barium
  • Barium & Groundwater
  • Health Effects
  • Upper GI Barium Protocols
  • Barium (Ba)


  • Technical Application Bulletin
  • Application For Barium


  • Msds For Barium (Ba)
  • Barium pieces


  • Barium Products
  • Samarium Doped Iron Phosphate Preparation Method Of Barium

Manufacturing process

  • Barium Ore Manufacturing Process


  • Relevance To Public Health
  • Health Effects

Fact sheet

  • Barium Fact Sheet
  • Technical Fact sheet
  • Better Health
  • Safety Sheets

Research center

  •  Barium in Drinking Water


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  • Barium Strontium Titanate


  • Barium Cycling At The Costa Rica Convergent Margin
  • Barium examination of the small intestine
  • Estimation of a Generic Adsorption Coefficient
    Kd for Barium
  • Potential For Human Exposure
  • SIDS Initial Assessment Report


  • Barium Introduction
  • Barium And Barium Compounds
  • Barium in Drinking Water
  • Barium in Produced Water
  • Determination of Barium
  • Toxicological Profile Of Barium And Compounds
  • Toxicological Review Of Barium And Compounds


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