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  • The technology of candy making is based on the science and art of manipulating sugar , the principal ingredient in candy, particularly to achieve special textural effects. This is accomplished primarily by controlling the state of crystallization of the sugar
  • The technology of tableting is unique in candy technology because virtually all other candy products focus on the control of crystallization: control of grain in hard candy,fondant in creams, bloom in chocolate. In tableting, control of crystallization doesn’t enter the process.
  • The market is composed primarily of sugar and sugar free breath mints,
    and dextrose sour fruit novelties
  • Gum is the fastest growing confectionery on
    earth. Whether to freshen breath, strengthen teeth, as an ideal diet conscious snack, or just for the pleasure of chewing – its popularity is on the up and up.
  • The natural and organic segment is growing as consumers continue to indulge in sweets, but become more aware of the ingredients used.
  • Candy Industry
  • Compressed Candies
Project Information
  • Project - Gummie Bears
  • Hard Boiled Candies
  • About Business Plan - Candy & Chocolates example
  • Sugar Candy
  • Bulk Candy Ingredients List
  • Ingredients
Plant & Machinery
  • Forming, cutting and wrapping machine
  • Candy Former
  • Candy Depositing Line
  • Candy Disc Cutting Machine
  • Hardness Tester
  • Machines for Candy, Confectionery, Lollipops & many others
  • Marking, coding and systems solutions
    Candy and Confectionery
  • Soft Candy Processing Line
  • List of machinery suppliers
Companies & Products
  • Company product details
  • Company in Gujarat
  • List of Hard Candy manufacturers
Technology Details
  • Confectionery Gum and Jelly Products
  • Candy Tablets
  • Lozenges
  • Lozenges Formulations
  • Pediatric Tableted Lozenges
  • Candy to Gum
  • Candy Bars
  • Moulded Sugar Candy
  • Chocolate Bird Nests
  • Depositing - The Future of Hard Candy
  • Packaging of sugar confectionery and Chocolates
  • Dehumidification for Candy Processing, Drying, Storage & Packing
  • Texture Analysis
  • Coding & Packaging
Market Scenario
  • The Global Chocolate industry
  • Organic Confectionery Market - Growing
  • Candy and Gum and Chocolate - Taiwan
  • Creating Brands
  • Chocolate Candy

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