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  • Virgin coconut oil - VCO is the naturally processed, chemically free and additive free product from fresh coconut meat or its derivatives which has not undergone any chemical processing after extraction
  • Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is extracted from fresh coconut milk obtained from
    matured coconut of 12 months old. VCO can be consumed in its natural state without the need for further processing.
  •  The different processes involved in VCO production are Hotprocessing method, Natural fermentation method, Centrifugation process and extraction from dried grating (EOG) method.
  • The choice of the technology to be adopted depends to a great extent on the scale of operation , the degree of mechanization, the amount of investment available and the market demand
  • The raw material will be matured coconut. The coconut is dehusked and deshelled prior to be used as a raw material for VCO extraction. Five hundred coconuts yield about 100 kg kernel/gratings and 20 litres of VCO. The proposed processing unit will be having the capacity of processing 500 nuts daily
  • Virgin coconut oil is known for its medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). The most important medium chain fatty acid found in VCO is lauric acid. It constitutes 48 % of VCO.
  • Lauric acid possess powerful anti microbial properties capable of destroying disease causing bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.
  • Virgin coconut oil is colorless, free of sediment and has natural fresh coconut scent. It is free from rancid odor or taste
  • VCO has considerable potential for therapeutic uses such as antimicrobial, anti-HIV/AIDS drug, for anti-cancer therapy and for the treatment of Alzhiemer’s disease.
  • VCO is the best possible remedy to various skin ailments.
  • The demand for VCO in the international market has increased considerably
  • The European market for virgin coconut oil has grown significantly over the last years. This is mainly because of growing consumer attention to healthier diets. Initially, virgin coconut oil was only available at health shops. Virgin coconut oil has now become popular in mainstream supermarkets and its industrial applications are
  • Virgin coconut oil is transported mainly in steel drums (example: 200 litres) or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) drums (example: 20 litres). But buyers might have specific packaging requirements.
  • The major export destinations are US, Japan, Australia, UK and UAE


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  • Organic Coconut oil– Specification
  • Virgin Coconut Oil
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  • Production Manual

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Applications & Market Scenario

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  • The Effects of Oral Virgin Coconut Oil Supplementation on Leprosy Patients
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