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  • Dendritic Copper Powders are often referred to as Electrolytic Copper Powder or ECP
  • ECP are available in various grades of differing Particle Size, Specific Surface Area, Apparent Density and morphology.
  • Dendritic Copper Powders are manufactured by an electrolysis process and are then further processed by purpose-built facilities. Properties can be engineered as desired by careful selection of raw materials and control of processing parameters tailored solutions for end users
  • Copper Powder is the basic raw
    material for many of the sintered
  • Products made of copper powder find their uses in aircrafts, space crafts, parts for guns, porous metal bearings, filter gas diffusers, welding rods, bimetallic strips and electrical parts.
  • Pure copper powder is used in the electrical and the electronics industries because of its excellent electrical and thermal conductivities. Alloyed with tin, zinc, nickel and other elements, copper in powder form is used in structural parts and friction materials. Brasses, bronzes and other copper alloys produced by powder metallurgy methods have the physical and mechanical properties of their cast or wrought counterparts.
  • Copper is used also as an alloying element in iron powder components to enhance the mechanical properties and control dimensional changes during sintering, the addition being made either by mixing or by infiltration.
  • The working capital required will be very high
  • Investment for 90 Tons/ annum production, the Project Cost will be arround Rs. 50.0 lakhs
 Background Information
  • Copper & Copper alloy powder Metallurgy - properties & applications

Process Information

  • Copper powder preparation

Company Profiles

  • Company - UK
  • Company in China
  • Company in Brazil
  • Company in Russia
  • Technology Company


  • Market research reports
  • Project report preparation


  • Electrolytic Method for production of high density copper powder
  • The stabilization of the dendritic
    structure of GG brand copper powder
  • Production technology - Metallic Powders
  • Recovery of Copper from waste water
  • Copper Powder filled with Lignocellulosic composites
  • Hydrometallurgical Process
  • Copper Solvent extraction

Project Information

  • Project Brief
  • Project Outline & Technology offer
  • Technology Consultants


Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Copper Powder / Dust
  • Gas atomized copper powder
  • Copper powder for Copperplus antifouling
  • Copper Powder & Copper Flake
  • Copper , powder form
  • Copper powder - analysis
  • Copper electrolytic powder - grades


  • Applications
  • Soil & Foliar applications


  • Copper powder suppliers
  • Copper Scrap suppliers
  • Copper turnings/scrap
  • Sulphuric Acid suppliers


  • Powder Metallurgy Review - 2015
  • Copper Mineral - 2012
  • Copper Scrap Industry - USA
  • Copper and Alloy Fabrication Plants
  • North America Report
  • Copper Market - China


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