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  • Metal Powders are precisely engineered materials that meet a wide range of performance requirements. These engineered materials offer wide latitude to develop materials with properties tailored to the application through metal alloying. These engineering properties are affected by several factors that include material type, powder fabrication process and the component manufacturing process
  • Powder metallurgy  is a highly developed method of manufacturing reliable ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts. The process entails mixing powders and compacting in a die to give shapes that are then sintered or heated to bond particles metallurgically. As more than 97% of the starting materials reach the finished product, powder metallurgy is a process that conserves both energy and materials.
  • Metal powder technology is one of the most established production methods nowadays in all kinds of industries
  • Metals commonly used in powder form include iron, steel tin, nickel, copper, aluminum and titanium. Refractory metals include tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum. Bronze, brass, stainless steel and nickel cobalt alloys are also used.
  • Powder particles range from 0.1 to 1000 micron in size and must be carefully controlled. Major production methods include the atomization of molten metals, reduction of oxides, electrolysis and chemical reduction. Particle size distribution is a critical parameter. Powders with narrow particle size distributions behave predictably during mixing and mould filling; perform better during hot or cold compaction and sintering; will give a uniform coating in spray applications; and ultimately will give improved final product quality.
  • Metal powders are made either by gas atomization , or grinding , and are then classified using dynamic classifiers or cyclones to obtain the precise particle size distribution. To form the final end-user product, the metal powders are then used in various consolidation processes such as extrusion, injection molding, blending, compaction, sintering.
  • The metal powders are characterized by their morphology, which can be described as irregular, blocky or spherical, and powder size. Physical properties such as hardness and ductility, chemical properties such as reactivity and impurities, and bulk properties such as flow properties, apparent density, tap density, compressibility, and green strength are among the properties by which the metal powders are characterized. High quality fine metal powders that are free of refractory and oxide contaminants with a narrow particle size distribution are used for the production of plasma spray coating targets as well as for the production of structural and functional materials.
  • Inert gas atomization, combined with melting under vacuum or under protective atmosphere therefore is the leading powder-making process for the production of high-grade metal powders which have to meet specific quality criteria such as spherical shape, high cleanliness, rapid solidification, homogeneous microstructure.
  • Metal powders are used in a wide variety of applications which include dietary supplements in food processing, additives in paint and other coatings, as pigments in printing and packaging, in solid fuels and cements. Probably the major area though is in the cost-effective production of metal components for a vast array of end uses.
  • Production of high-quality metal powders is becoming important to meet the increasing demand for manufacturing advanced materials. A number of standard powder production techniques have been developed to meet the increasing demand for high-purity metal powders.
  •  Iron powder companies have introduced new powders for high-performance applications and aiming R&D at lower-cost alloying elements, bonding technology and high-density processes. A vacuum annealed tool steel powder was commercialized last year that allows routine compacting and sintering without adding graphite. Copper powder makers have developed materials for new applications such as metal injection molding, frangible bullets, heat management and welding electrodes.
  • Metal powder makers are developing new high-density steels and processes to achieve a density of 7.5 grams per cubic centimeter by single pressing and sintering. Achieving densities of 7.5 and above will certainly open up new markets, with PM gears and sprockets for automotive transmissions being but two such potential applications. Nonferrous powder producers are also developing new materials such as super high-strength bronze alloys for PM gears. Some other new applications for copper-base powder s include cold spraying, lead-free brazing alloys and special materials for frangible bullets.
  • Industry trends indicate the need for economical fine powder grades for a growing number of applications.
  • Particle size, shape and percentage yields are the important characteristics associated with the manufacture of suitable powders.
  • Advancements in high pressure water atomization
    technology can now produce fine powders with unique physical characteristics.
  • Fine particle size distributions with shape modification, without requiring additional mechanical or thermal secondary operations, provide suitable alternatives to more costly inert gas atomization processes.
  • In centrifugal atomization for metal powder production, the key to the control of the particle sizes is the design of the atomizer
  • A cup atomizer with a slope angle of 60 70 would result in small spray droplets and thus a fine powder.


General Information
  • Metal Powders Industry Overview
  • Conventional Powdered Metal Components
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Powder Metal Technologies and Application
  • Sintering process

Company Profile

  • Company from Sandy Hook
  • Japan Company
  • US Company
  • Indian Company
  • Company from Tamil Nadu
  • Company from New Jersey
  • Company from Greece
  • Canadian Company
  • Indian Company from Maharashtra


  • American Consultant
  • Indian Consultant
  • Consultant from New Zealand
  • Consultant from Los Angels
  • US Consultant


  • The Powder Metal Process
  • Advanced Processing of Metallic Powder for fossil energy application
  • Thermo graphic Powder Metal Process
  • Manufacturing Procedures of Metal Powder Materials
  • Processes for Production of High-Purity Metal Powders
  • Injection Moulding of Titanium Metal and Composite Powders
  • Titanium Metal Powder Production by the Plasma Quench Process
  • Storage of Tungsten Metal Powder


  • Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Powders for P/M Applications
  • Production of Metallic Copper Powder by Autocatalytic Reaction in Suspension
  • Metal Powder Production byElectrolysis
  • A new powder production route for transparent spinel windows:
    powder synthesis and window properties
  • Metal Powder Production
  • Weight saving and performance
    enhancement with powder titanium


  • Connecting Rod Evaluation
  • Metal Injection Moulding at Micro Scale
  • The Potential Applications for Titanium Metal Powder and Their Life Cycle Impacts
  • The Application of warm compaction to high density powder metallurgy parts
  • Bulk Zirconia Nanoceramics prepared by cold Isostatic pressing and pressureless sintering


  • The Micro structural Changes of Cobalt Powder in Consequence of Cold Pressing Process
  • Direct Production Process for Reduced Metal Oxides from Solution at Ambient Temperatures
  • Metal Powder Technology
  • Cold isostatic pressing
  • Powder matrix Technology
  • Simulation in Powder Technology
  • Zinc Powder Will Drive Your Hydrogen Car
  • Water atomized fine powder production technology
  • Ultra fine silicon Powder
  • Fine supper alloy powders
  • Submicron Powder
  • Designing a Centrifugal Atomizer
  • Niobium Powder Production
  • Copper powder from PCB


  • Metal Powder Atomization
  • Aluminum Powder
  • Copper Powder
  • A Description of the Cold-Inlay Process Using Metal Powder in Urethane Resin
  • Effect of Particle Sizes in Metal Injection Molding Processes
  • Products from Metal Powder
  • High Activated Zinc Powder Production Line


  • Copper Powder
  • Fine crystalline copper powder
  • Metal Powder and Flake Products
  • High crystalline gold powder
  • Agglomerated Palladium powder
  • Platinum Powder
  • Spherical, co-precipitated silver/palladium powder
  • High purity, crystalline, coarse silver powder
  • Titanium metal powder
  • Zirconium metal powder


  • Apparatus for continuously dissolving metal powder for use in plating and method of dissolving nickel metal using same
  • Cobalt metal powder and composite sintered articles produced therefrom
  • Gas Atomization Nozzle for Metal Powder production
  • Metal Powder Composition for use in Selective Laser Sintering
  • Metal Powder
  • Method for preparing metal powder
  • Method of making niobium and other metal powders
  • Nitrogen containing metal powder, production process therefor, and porous sintered body and solid electrolytic capacitor using same
  • Process for making metal fiber/metal powder sheet
  • Production of Metal Powder
  • Sintered Ferromagnetic Powder Metal Parts for alternating  Current Application
  • Stabilized Lithium Metal Powder for LI-Ion Application, Composition and process
Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Aluminum Powder - Coated
  • Borax Hand Powder
  • Cobalt powder
  • Copper Powder - Atomized
  • Magnesium Powder
  • Premixed Zinc Alloy Powder
  • Silicon powder
  • Silver Powder
  • Tin Powder
  • Titanium Metal Powder
  • Tungsten Powder
  • Tungsten Carbide with Cobalt Powder
  • Zinc Metal Powder


  • Numerical simulation of metal powder die compaction with special consideration of cracking
  • The effect of particle structure on apparent density of electrolytic copper powder
  • Metal Printing Process Development of a New Rapid Manufacturing Process for Metal Parts
  • Powder metallurgical processing and metal purity: A case for capacitor grade sintered tantalum
  • Transient Liquid Phase Bonding Using Coated Metal Powder


  • Advanced Properties of High Density Ferrous Powder Metallurgy Metals
  • The Micro structural Changes of Cobalt Powder in Consequence of Cold Pressing Process
  • Hydrothermal synthesis of fine oxide powders
  • Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Resistance of Super alloys
  • Mechano synthesis of Nano phase Powders
  • Effects of Powder Properties & Processing on Soft Magnetic Performance


  • Powder metal usage should triple during next 12 years
  • Lead powder market sifted; lower primary metal prices cause small dip in use - Nonferrous - Brief Article
  • Metal Powder Industry Facing Challenges
  • Metal Powder Industry Growing Globally
  • The Global Powder Metallurgy Property Database
  • Metals Powder


  • Copper powder boost in Russia
  • Exhibition and Sponsorship Opportunities
  • High Throughput Growth of Zinc Oxide Nan wires from Zinc Powder with the Assistance of Sodium Chloride
  • Highlight of P/M Development
  • Magnetic Material Based on Nanosize Amorphous Metal Powder
  • Recent Development in Ferrous Powder Metallurgy Alloys


  • Completes Metal Powder Plant Expansion
  • Metal refining plant
  • Metal Powder production plants
  • Hi-tech areas - plans metal powder manufacturing
  • Metal Powder Plant
  • Metal Powder Manufacturing Plants

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