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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Tungsten is one of the strongest metal and it it used in many forms like bars , alloy , powder .
  • Tungsten powder is prepared by
    hydrogen reduction of tungsten trioxide or ammonium paratungstate.
  • Preparation of hydrogen reduction process of tungsten powder is generally divided into two phases: the first in the 500 ~ 700oC temperature, tungsten trioxide tungsten dioxide reduced; the second stage in the 700 ~ 900oC temperature, tungsten dioxide reduction into the tungsten powder.
  • The tungsten powder  is the main raw material of processing powder metallurgy tungsten and tungsten alloys.
  • Pure tungsten powder can be made of wire, rods, tubes , plates and other processing materials .
  • Tungsten powder with other metal powders are mixed and can be made into a variety of tungsten alloys
  • There is a growing requirement for tungsten products in the Indian market in industrial applications and also defense applications, where it has been identified as a strategic material for defense needs.
  • The Indian market size of tungsten metal
    powder is said to be 150 tonnes per month
  • Currently most of the tungsten is imported from China

Basic Information

  • Tungsten Powder Metallurgy

Technology Information

  • Tungsten Metal Powder Production
  • Production in Vertical tube reactor
  • Reduction of tungsten oxides with hydrogen and with hydrogen and carbon
  • Technology Source - Recycling
  • Case Study - Research
  • Nanoscale tungsten powder
  • Laser Processing of Tungsten Powder
  • Powder Injection Molding
  • Tungsten Oxide & Trioxide
  • Tungsten trioxide powder
  • Ammonium Paratungstate
Trade, Market Scenario
  • World Tungsten Industry
  • World Tungsten report
  • Raw Materials Procurement
  • Industry association
  • Tungsten Sourcing
  • Trade Issues
  • Recycling report - USA
  • Recycling used tungsten carbide tools
  • Imports into India
  • Project proposal
  • Tungsten trioxide suppliers
  • Consultant - Market reports
Patent Information
  • Process for production of high surface area Tungsten & Tungsten Trioxide powders
  • Production of Tungsten Carbide powder
  • Method of producing tungsten and tungsten carbide powders
  • Method for producing amorphous based metals

Companies & Products

  • Tungsten Products

  • Tungsten Heavy alloy products

  • Company - China

  • Company in News

  • MNC

  • Company -Russia

  • Recycling company

  • French company product

  • Msds

  • Msds

  • Tungsten trioxide - msds

  • Tungsten Oxide - msds

  • Msds - Ammonium Paratungstate

  • Generic EU Msds

  • List of companies

  • Tungsten Carbide recycling

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