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  • Tungsten , also known as wolfram.
    Tungsten is a chemical element that has the symbol W and atomic number 74.
  • Pure tungsten is a steel-gray to tin-white metal.
  • Tungsten is a comparatively rare metal, being the 54th most abundant element in the earth’s crust.
  • The analytical methods are available for detecting, measuring, and/or monitoring tungsten, its metabolites, and other biomarkers of exposure and effect to tungsten.
  • Hard metal is the most important usage of tungsten.
  • Many tungsten minerals glow under ultraviolet light.
  • Tungsten features the lowest vapor pressure of all metals.
  • The most important applications of the pure metallic tungsten are the production of filaments for bulb lamps, electric contacts, arch-welding electrodes, furnaces, valves for reaction propellers used in missiles and airships, etc.
  • Tungsten is usually mined underground.
  • The Tungsten ore is first crushed and milled to liberate the tungsten mineral crystals.
  • Most tungsten deposits are formed when hot geothermal fluids rising toward the surface cool and react with the surrounding rock.
  • Most tungsten concentrates are processed chemically to ammonium paratungstate (APT).
  • Recycling is an important factor in the world’s tungsten supply.
  • The fabrication of tungsten metal film can be obtained by spin coating process.
  • The first industrial application of tungsten was the alloying and hardening of steels.
  • It has recently found use as a nontoxic alternative to lead shot for waterfowl hunting and is being used to some extent as a substitute for lead in fishing weights.
  • Tungsten is practically the only material used for electron emitters.
  • Tungsten has been identified as a viable radiation sheilding material.
  • Highly anisotropic dry etching of tungsten silicide and tungsten polycides is required for the realization of submicron low resistance gates and interconnects for use in high performance complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor ~CMOS! and BiCMOS technologies.
  • Tungsten oxide nanomaterials were synthesized by a modified plasma arc gas condensation technique.
  • A fabrication technique is used to prepare tungsten metal tips suitable for multi-tip STM aiming nanometer scale probing.
  • Activated Combustion HVAF spraying provides efficient deposition of metallic and tungsten-carbide coatings using solid particle spray technology.
  • Immobilisation of enzymes on the surface of tungsten –tungsten oxide pH-metric electrode in silica gel is obtained by the sol-gel method.
  • Most of the tungsten mines in Nevada have ceased production due to economic constraints.
  • Unfortunately, the U.S. does not mine tungsten, though it does have a few "large plants that take tungsten concentrate and produce intermediate products and finished products.
  • Tungsten's increasing uses and growing economic demand for the metal has helped prices climb more than 300% in almost 10 years to average $254.50 per metric ton unit of ammonium paratungstate.
  • The global demand of tungsten will remain stability and development in the future and the international market price of tungsten will remain stability due to the ascend price of tungsten in the market in a few years.
  • Demand for all metals within China is rapidly increasing and tungsten is no exception. The increased demand for energy and metals in China has been one of the most influential elements in the markets’ dramatic rise in base-metal prices.
  • Tungsten prices have fluctuated widely as the market alternated between periods of scarcity and oversupply.
  • History Of  Tungsten
  • Tungsten Information
  • Tungsten
  • About Tungsten


  • Analytical Methods
  • New Process for Direct Carburation of Tungsten Blue Oxide to Tungsten Carbide
  • Preparation of tungsten metal film by spin coating method
  • Material Flow Of Tungsten
  • Tungsten - An Overview
  • Tungsten silicide and tungsten polycide anisotropic dry etch process for highly controlled dimensions and profiles


  • China's stranglehold on tungsten
  • North America Tungsten Corporation Ltd
  • Tungsten
  • Tungsten Firms Call for Price Alliance
  • Price fixing rights of tungsten from foreign to domestic market
  • High Price Of Tungsten
  • The Japanese Tungsten Market
  • Average Tungsten Price
  • Tungsten Report
  • Mineral Industry Surveys
  • A Study Of Tungsten
  • International Strategic Mineral Issues Summary Report of Tungsten
  • Technical Report
  • Production In The Year 2007
  • Minerals In The Year 2006
  • Production In The Year 2004
  • Production In The Year 2005
  • Production In The Year 2006
  • Domestic survey data and tables
  • Tungsten 2004
  • Tungsten 2005
  • End Use Statistics 2007
  • End Use Statistics 2005
  • Applications of Copper Tungsten Composites
  • A System For Depositing Tungsten Coatings
  • Tungsten Applications
  • First application of a tungsten single-crystal positron source in the factory
  • The Effective Use Of Tungsten
  • Application to a tungsten-silver composite
  • Alkali Activated Geopolymeric Binder Using Tungsten Mine Waste
  • Bottom Purge Manifold For Cvd Tungsten Process
  • Tungsten Carbide & a Process for the Preparation Thereof, & Hard metal Hard Metal Produce From
  • Tungsten
  • Preparation Of Reactive Tungsten
  • Method For Tungsten
Company Profile
  • Company From Germany
  • Company From India
  • Company From India
  • Company From North America
  • Company From USA
  • Tungsten Carbide Powder
  • Tungsten
  • Tungsten metal
  • Tungsten
  • Pure Tungsten
  • Tungsten
  • Mining Consultant
  • Consultants From Canada
  • Consultants From Carolina
  • Consultants From Minnesota
  • Consultants From US
  • Consultants From Virginia
  • Selection and Preparation Guide for Tungsten Electrodes
  • Guidelines For Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • Regulation & Advisories
  • Relevance To Health
  • Preparation and Characterization of Tungsten Tips Suitable for Molecular Electronics Studies
  • The Effect of Processing Parameters on the Synthesis of Tungsten Oxide Nanomaterials by a Modified Plasma Arc Gas Condensation Technique
  • Dynamic electrochemical-etching technique for tungsten tips suitable for multi-tip scanning tunneling microscopes
  • Preparation of Nano-crystalline Tungsten Carbide Thin Film by Magnetron Sputtering and Their Electro catalytic Property for PNP Reduction
  • Potentiometric tungsten electrodes with enzymes immobilized by the sol-gel technique
  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Tuning of Tungsten
  • Activation Properties of Tungsten as a First Wall Protection in Fusion Power Plants
  • Electro chromic Properties of Mesoporous Tungsten and Niobium Oxides
  • Elastic Properties Of Tungsten
  • Electrochemical properties of tungsten oxysulphide thin films as positive electrodes for lithium microbatteries
  • Effect of NH3 on Film Properties of MOCVD Tungsten Nitride from Cl4.CH3CN.W.NiPr.
  • Properties of Tungsten
Mining Companies
  • Mining Company From Australia
  • Mining Company From Australia
  • Mining Company From Mongolia
  • Mining Company From Thailand
  • Mining Company From Thailand
  • Development of Bulk Nano crystalline Cemented Tungsten Carbide for Industrial Applications
  • Tungsten Project List
  • New ligands based on the cyanuric chloride synthon to synthesize tungsten oxo compounds for oxygen-transfer catalysis
  • Occupational medical examinations on the thorium substituent exposure of welders during use of thorium-free tungsten inert-gas electrodes and on their significance for health
  • Tungsten Product
  • Development of a silicon-tungsten test module for an electromagnetic calorimeter
  • Refine Tungsten Suppliers
  • Suppliers Of Tungsten
  • Tungsten Manufacturers
  • Tungsten Suppliers
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  • Suppliers Of Tungsten
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  • List Of Tungsten Buyers
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