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  • Tungsten carbide, also known as cemented carbide, is a relatively precious material which is critical to many manufacturing processes. Most metal machining processes use tungsten carbide inserts as tool tips, as cemented carbide has excellent hardness and heat resistance properties ideal for drilling, boring, shaping and forming metal work pieces.
  • Tungsten carbide is an expensive material, and most recycling companies are willing to pay for used scrap
  • Carbide inserts contain heavy metals & disposing of them in traditional ways can be quite harmful to the environment.
  • About 33-34% of the tungsten demand is met from recycling, which also facilitates the
    recovery of other elements such as niobium, cobalt and tantalum.
  • One of the main uses of tungsten is as tungsten carbide which is used in tool steels, where about 60-70% is recycled. Tungsten used in lighting filaments and as tungsten metal, along with tungsten based chemicals and welding rods, all have low recovery rates.
  • There is no difference between tools made from recovered and virgin carbides.

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