Desulfurization of Petroleum Coke
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  • Petroleum coke Also called as  Pet coke or petcoke
  • Petroleum coke is a carbonaceous solid derived from oil refinery Coker units or other cracking processes
  • Petroleum coke has been burned at Kraft pulp mills to partially substitute for
    natural gas and fuel oil .
  • Needle coke is a highly crystalline petroleum coke used in the production of electrodes for the steel and Aluminium industries and is particularly valuable because the electrodes must be replaced regularly.
  • Desulfurization is one of the process for crude oils and heavy oils .
  • The Process does not require high pressure or high temperatures that are required to reduce sulfur.
  • Desulfurization Process can handle heavy crude oils and residuals.
  • Desulfurization Process has been developed into a new sulphur-removal system it  saves money and reduces pollution.
  • Desulfurization Process  results in a very large reduction and its equipment cost required to implement its sulfur removal system versus $500 and $600 million.
  • High sulphur content in petroleum products is a very significant problem  and it creates corrosive combustion by-products and releases sulfur oxides into the atmosphere.
  • When the sulfur fuel burned it will create acid rain in atmosphere
  • The equipment costs are approximately 1/10 of the $50-100 million .
  • The sulfur present in many different combinations at petroleum coke and it will be removed through desulfurization.
  • The sulfur compounds present in the coke may be of organic or inorganic nature .
  • Sulfur compounds like  thiols, sulfides, thiophenes, benzothiophenes, dibenzothiophenes, pyritic, sulfates are presented in  petroleum coke.
  • The sulfur in the petroleum coke is present in the form of thiophene benzothiophenes and dibenzothiophenes.
  • Tupras-Diesel and Gasoline
  • Desulfurization of petroleum coke
  • Partially desulfurized coke
  • Petroleum Coke
  • Raw Petroleum Coke
  • Changes in coke quality
  • Introduced with Petcoke to lime kilns


  • Use of petroleum coke
  • Production and use of sponge iron through pet coke
  • Use in Concrete Production


  • Petroleum coke
  • Petroleum Coke-tesoro


  • Calcined  Petroleum coke
  • Pet coke products

Manufacturing process

  • Petroleum Coke Refueling
  • Petroleum coke calcining process
  • Desulfurization of Petroleum Coke Beyond 1600oC
  • Desulfurization of  petroleum coke


  • Desulfurization of petroleum coke
  • Desulfurizing reagent for hot metal
  • Method and System for feeding and burning a pulverized a fuel
  • Gasification of petroleum coke to methane
  • Preparation of petroleum coke
  • Calcination of petroleum coke


  • Efficient coal alternative
  • JEA Large-Scale
    CFB Combustion
  • Ultra Clean Petroleum Fuel Refining


  • Coke and Anode desulfurization  Studies
  • Evolution of anode grade coke quality
  • Review of coke
  • Thermal Treatment of Syrian Sponge Coke
  • Suppliers from Ahemadabad
  • Suppliers from Assam
  • Suppliers from China
  • Suppliers from Gujarat
  • Suppliers from Maharashtra

Company  & machinery profiles

  • Company list from India
  • Company from China
  • Machinery supplier from Australia
  • Machinery supplier from China
  • Machinery supplier from India
  • Machinery manufacturer from China


  • Consultancy from International
  • Consultancy from Texas
  • Consultancy from California

Turnkey Providers

  • Turnkey from china
  • Turnkey from International
  • Turnkey from Germany
  • Calcined petroleum coke price
  • Petroleum coke price in India
  • Petroleum coke market
  • Machinery cost in china


  • Sulfur and fossil fuels -final report
  • A viable fuel for co-generation
  • Petroleum Residue Upgrading Via Delayed Coking


  • Effect of thermal treatment
  • Petroleum coke category Analysis
  • Thermal desulfurization of Syrian petroleum coke


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