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  • Petcoke, which is a residue of the refinery, will be used to produce power and high value chemicals like ammonia, syngas, nitrogen, argon, sulphuric acid, methanol and acetic acid
  • Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) is a form of highly electrically conductive, densed Carbon with very low specific Electrical Resistance, and having fixed Carbon of approximately 99.5%.
  • CPC is used extensively as Anode in Alumina Smelters, as Soderberg's Electrode for Ferroalloy Industries, and in the manufacturing of Graphite/ Graphite Electrodes, and Thermal Paste for Ferro Alloys & allied industries in Submerged Arc Furnaces.
  • CPC is also used in various Steel Industries for - Melting of Steel , Decarburization and for making Special Steels & Alloys.
  • While demand for petroleum coke in traditional western markets has plunged because of the recent global economic slowdown, Asian demand has grown significantly since 2000. Asia is expected to overtake the US as the largest global demand centre for petroleum coke in the next few years
  •  In India as many as 30 million tonnes of petcoke is likely to be available in the years to come. Internationally, the petcoke technology through gasification is getting established. A 200-mw of power project based on integrated gas combined cycle technology will be set up and the power to be supplied within the Mangalore SEZ.
  • The feedstock for the project is the Green Petroleum Coke which is a byproduct of the oil refining industry. The quality and impurities of the product comes from the crude oil and depends mainly on the refining process parameters.
  • In the gasification process, the petcoke would also consume fly ash from the nearby thermal power plant.
Basic Information
  • Basics
  • Green Coke
  • Coke / Coal products
  • Catalysts


  • Processing Steps
  • Anode Coke Production
  • Delayed Coking
  • Coke Drum essentials
  • Manufacturing Process
  • ROSE Process

Company Profiles

  • American Company profile
  • Company - Brazil
  • Company - India
  • Company Report 2009
  • Company Performance - 2009
  • Company performance - 2008
  • Indian Company & Plant locations


  • Method of producing petroleum Coke Calcinate
  • Method of producing Calcined Coke Pellets
  • Method of Calcining Coke in Rotary Kiln
  • Process for Calcining Coke
  • Process for Calcining & Carbanizing petroleum coke
  • Calcinations of Coke - Kiln Operation
  • Thermal desulphurization & calcinations of petroleum Coke


  • Coke calcining systems
  • Techno-economic assessment
  • Modern Coke Plant
  • Ammonia Production
  • Power Generation
  • Cement Production
  • Gas Turbine Fuel
  • Waste to energy plant

Project Information

  • Project Description
  • Project Consultancy
  • Project for Refinery modernization
  • Coke calcining project systems
  • Turnkey Project offer
  • Material handling
  • CDM Project
  • Project in India
  • Process System Supplier
  • Oil Refinery Project
  • Green and Calcined Petroleum Coke Production Plant
  • Green Coke Distribution


  • Brazil - Coke Industry 2010
  • China Market 2009
  • Magazine to subscribe
  • Market Information
  • Quality & Marketing Cokes
  • Indian graphite Sector
  • Chinese Suppliers
  • Trade Links


  • Needle Coke
  • Petroleum Statistics - India
  • Conferences
  • Electricity Generation by Utilization of Waste Heat from Calcined Petroleum Coke Production Process
  • Indian Petroleum Company

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