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  • Coal gas is a flammable gaseous fuel made from coal and supplied to the user via a piped distribution system.
  • Coal gas is a mixture of the calorific gases: hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane and volatile hydrocarbons, with small amounts of noncalorific gases - carbon dioxide and nitrogen - as impurities.
  • Coke is a solid carbonaceous material derived from destructive distillation of low-ash, low-sulfur bituminous coal.
  • Metallurgical coke is produced by carbonization of coals or coal blends at temperatures up to 1400K to produce a macroporous carbon
    material of high strength and relatively large lump size.
  • Metallurgical cokes must have a high strength to support heavy loads in the blast furnace without disintegration.
  • Coke is a solid high in content of the element carbon and structurally in the NON-GRAPHITIC STATE: It is produced by pyrolysis of organicmaterial which has passed, at least in part, through a liquid or liquid-crystalline state during the CARBONIZATION process.
  • Metallurgical coke is produced by destructive distillation of coal in coke ovens. Prepared coal is "coked".
  • Destructive distillation is performed in “coke batteries” which are banks of large enclosed kilns. Once the kilns are loaded, they are heated to
    approximately 1000 C in the absence of air. The final solid is a non-melting carbon called metallurgical coke.
  • The CLEAN COKE Process is based on a conceptual plan, developed by United States Steel Corporation, for converting On metallurgical grade coals to metallurgical coke, chemical feedstocks, and liquid and gaseous fuels. Coke oven gas is cooled and by-products are recovered.
  • The principal product, coke, is used primarily in the manufacture of pig iron which is a major component in the production of steel.
  • Metallurgical coke is also used as filler coke for polygranular carbon products.
  • It is known, that strong lamp metallurgical coke is produced at laminar coking process of coal charges, its test result allowed to calculate, that prime cost production of 1 ton blast furnace coke according new technology will be as 15-20% as less than on traditional one.
  • Char made from coal is an intermediate in emerging technology for making formed coke in continuous, clean, processes that utilize a wide range of coals.
  • The realized and actually prepared innovations of the iron making technology require the further increasing of the properties of metallurgical coke.
  • Coke making technological process produces excellent quality of coke for given coals blend and has the lowest pollution levels of comparable technologies.
  • Globally, the Coke market is controlled by China due to the fact that China is the largest steel producer, coke producer, coke consumer and coke exporter in the world.
  • Coke may be traded anywhere in the world, but the pricing is benchmarked in China.
  • Metallurgical coke is one of the main ingredients of the charge used for melting in cupola furnace as it acts as a reducing agent and also fuel for melting the charge hence metallurgical coke has got good market potential.
  • Russian coke chemical industry has sufficient potential for coke provision of the Russian metallurgy.
  • Coal gas
  • Coke (fuel)
  • Metallurgical coke Percentage by Weight


  • Metallurgical Coke
  • Development of Coking/Coal Gasification Concept to Use Indiana Coal for the Production of Metallurgical Coke & Bulk Electric Power
  • Coke Petrography
  • Clean coke Process: Fluid bed carbonization of Illinois coal
  • Use of Illinois coal fines in Production of Metallurgical coke
  • Formcoke Preparation in clean-coke process
  • Coke Manufacturing
  • Metallurgical coke Production Process
  • Coke from medium volatile and Illinois coals


  • Coal Hydrogenation Char as Blending Agents for Coke Production
  • Coke Production
  • Coke Production Process Description
  • Metallurgical coke production

Company Profiles

  • Company in New Jersy
  • Company in Sharjah U.A.E
  • Company in Kolkata
  • Company in Michigan
  • Company in Turkey
  • Company in China
  • Company in Kuala Lumpur


  • Curriculum Vitae of an Expert
  • Consultant in Pennsylvania
  • Consultant in India
  • Coal Consultants Directory
  • Consultant in India
  • Consultant in USA


  • Metallurgical coke
  • Combination process for producing high quality metallurgical coke
  • Method and Apparatus for converting coal into liquid fuel and Metallurgical coke
  • Method for producing metallurgical coke and metal coke from both coking and non coking coals
  • Process for the production of molded metallurgical coke from coal briquettes
  • Process for making metallurgical coke
  • Coke production from liquid derived from sub bituminous and/or lignitic coal


  • Metallurgical fuel production from low-metamorphism coals after their chemical treatment
  • Proposed techniques for evaluating chars made from high-sulfur Illinois coals for manufacture of formed coke
  • Application of the simulating Mathematical Models for decreasing of the blast furnace fuel rate
  • Sesa energy recovery coke making technology
  • Coke Reactivity
  • Relation Between texture and reactivity in metallurgical cokes obtained from coal using Petroleum coke as additive

Product and Material Safety data Sheet

  • Metallurgical Grade Coke Backfill
  • Metallurgical coke
  • Coke
  • The behaviour of the secondary metallurgy slag into the EAF
  • Plexicoke applications in the Vimezuelan steel wing industry
  • Impressed current anodes- Metallurgical coke and calcined petroleum coke
  • Modeling of movement and direct heat and mass transfer between flows of granular materials in mixing heat exchanger, applied for metallurgical coke production
  • A new metallurgical process for the production of valuable metallic and mineral materials from byproducts generated by the steel industry and other major activity sectors


  • Clean production of coke from waste carbonaceous fines
  • Brule Mine Project
  • Chicago Coke Company - Project Summary
  • Gas Transmission and Distribution Project in ChangZhi City
  • Bee – Hive Metallurgical Coke
  • Projects Profile - Metallurgy Sector Bee - Hive Metallurgical Coke
  • Calderon Cokemaking Process/Demonstration Project


  • China Won Anti-dumping Case on Metallurgical Coke
  • U.S. Metallurgical Coal and Coke Supplies prices, Availability, and the Emerging Futures Markets
  • Perspectives on the Future of Cokemaking
  • Indian Coke Industry - Present and future scenario, Coking coal demand & supply
  • The European Coke Market
  • Met coke supplies — SAIL signs agreement with Durgapur Projects
  • Russia in the World Coke Market
  • Trends in Furnace Cokemaking in the United States


  • Anti Dumping Duty on Metallurgical coke originating in or Exported from People's republic of China
  • Microscopic evaluation of coal and coke for metallurgical usage
  • Metallurgical Coke Industry Particulate Emissions
  • Sesa Goa Ltd Company Report
  • Studies on the Gieseler Plastometry Parameters of the American Pittson Coal for Metallurgical Cokemaking at the Ajaokuta Steel Plant, Nigeria
  • Update on Sesa's Pig Iron and Coke
  • Gujarat NRE Coke Ltd- Company Report

Turnkey Providers

  • Turnkey Provider in Yugoslavia
  • Turnkey Provider in India
  • Turnkey Provider in Mumbai
  • Turnkey Provider in China
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  • Metallurgical Coke Suppliers  
  • Metallurgical Coke China Suppliers
  • Metallurgical Coke Selling Leads
  • Metallurgical Coke Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Exporters of Metallurgical coke
  • Metallurgical coke Buyers List1
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