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  • Fine-grained petroleum coke cannot be used for industrial purposes, therefore pelletizing of fine petroleum coke (less than 200 μm) was achieved with addition of bentonite as inorganic binder
  • The agglomeration process is of broad potential use in revaluing fine-sized petroleum coke wastes and waste products known as impalpable fines. These materials were agglomerated in a disc pelletizer with binding agents to obtain pellets with high carbon content, good reactivity and good consolidation in hot and cold environments. Pellets formed with the addition of carboxymethylcellulose and oven-dried at 100C possess adequate compressive strength and may be used as carburizers, e.g. in steel manufacturing. In steel melting tests the pellets had a high resistance to thermal shock.
  • Clusters of petroleum coke pellets are made by the steps of dispersing particulate carbon seed particles in a high boiling petroleum oil, heating the seeded oil in a coking heater under conditions of controlled cracking, and introducing the effluent from the heater into a coke drum where the seed particles serve as nucleating agents in the formation of clusters of petroleum coke pellets.
  • A method of calcining green petroleum coke which includes separating the green coke having a particle size of between 0.1 mm and 50 mm into undersized and oversized fractions, pelletizing the undersized fraction with a binder to form pelletized coke, combining the oversized fraction and the pelletized coke to form a feed mixture, and calcining the feed mixture to form calcined coke. The method includes the addition of a pulverization step wherein all the green coke is pulverized before pelletization and the pellets are then calcined to produce a pelletized calcined coke product.
  • Calcination is a high temperature process for transforming the physical properties of raw petroleum coke. Sized petroleum coke is stored in silos and fed into a rotary kiln in controlled ratios. The calcination process raises the material temperatures in the kiln to around 1200 to 1260C depending on the quality of raw cokes and specification of C P Coke desired.
  • The material flows in a counter direction to the temperature controlled hot gases fired from a kiln burner. During the radiation heat transfer process, the material comes across various reactive zones where it de-moisturises, devolatalises and stabilizes with improved crystalline structure. Operating parameters are controlled to impart the required crystal structure, density and electrical conductivity.
  • About Pellet production
  • Pelletization process


  • Calcining Technology
  • Calcining plants
  • Patent - Method for calcining green petroleum coke
  • Agglomeration of Fine-Grained Petroleum Coke
  • More details of above article
  • Petroleum Coke Fines
  • Standard Operating Procedure for
    Petcoke Grinding Units
  • Petroleum Coke - specification
  • Lignosulfonate used as coke binder
  • Polyethylene terephthalate waste utilization
  • Patent - Cold hardening of Pelets
  • Patent - Pelletization & calcination of green coke using organic binder
  • Patent - Clusters of petroleum coke pellets
  • Patent - Pelletization and calcination of green coke using an organic binder

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