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  • Feldspar is one of the most common minerals used in the ceramic and glass industries.
  • None of the feldspar
    group of minerals is found pure, potash feldspar always contains some soda feldspar and vice-versa with varying
    amounts of free quartz, iron oxide and traces of lime and magnesia resulting in a range of colours.
  • Feldspar is one of the most essential raw material for the whiteware industry where it is used as the universal flux in all types of ceramic bodies. Its role in glazes is also similar to that in ceramic bodies but it is to be ground finely
  • In glass, feldspar is used for producing opal and alabaster ware and has also been widely adopted as an important
    source of alumina which also helps in reducing quantity of soda ash in the batch. Addition of feldspar to glass batch results in increase in chemical durability and resistance of glassware to scratch, impact and thermal shocks.
  • Beneficiation is required to decrease
    the iron contamination and increase the feldspar content.
  • The process includes crushing operations milling, flotation and
    drying, magnetic separation all stages requiring high levels of energy and chemicals
  • Trace elements in Feldspars
  • Asbestos contamination
  • Evaluate for applicability as raw material for ceramic and industries
  • Potash Feldspar & Soda Feldspar for Glass & Ceramic Industry - Specifications
  • The application of flotation and magnetic separation
  • Standard Reference Material 99b - Soda Feldspar


  • Feldspar Processing
  • Evaluation and Beneficiation of Feldspar
  • Differential Flotation of Feldspars for Separation of Both Silica and Iron Oxides Contaminants
  • Separation of quartz & Feldspar
  • Upgrading Feldspar by WHIMS and Flotation Techniques


  • Combined Magnetic & Electrostatic separators
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Magnetic Separator Technology
  • Company specialist in Magnetic Separation
  • Feldspar Beneficiation : Cyclojet flotation cell & by mechanical cell and magnetic separator
  • Purifying Feldspar - Patent Information

Company Profiles

  • WMA India
  • MNC in Mining


  • Mining - Calcium feldspar rock Project - sample
  • Project Consultancy
  • Ground Minerals
  • Conditions of the feldspathic raw materials supply

Equipment Suppliers

  • High gradient
    magnetic separator
  • Wet low intensity magnetic separators


  • Separation, Inspection, and Material Handling solutions for Industry
  • Consultancy company - Australia
  • Consultancy company - USA
  • Wet Magnetic Treatment of Feldspar


  • Global & U.S. feldspar production in 2014
  • Global & U.S. feldspar production in 2015
  • Feldspar and Nepheline Syenite - 2013 year Book
  • Lithium Mines - Feldspar by-product


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